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  1. Royal-T-Ltd

    WTB or TRADE for BNIB STD Forged Piston Set

    Looking to buy or trade for a set of NEW Standard Bore 3.80" FORGED Pistons .... lmk what you got? I've got a NEW Virgin block and don't want to cut it up right from the jump.... thks aaron
  2. Royal-T-Ltd

    Valve train tools

    I want to be able to measure and test valve springs/components but wonder if there are any cost effective tools available for someone who isn’t doing it for a living? For someone who just wants to work on his own stuff. TIA Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. Royal-T-Ltd

    Forged Pistons [STD Bore]

    Anybody have any >>>NEW<<<<< Forged Pistons [STD Bore] that they want to get rid of or trade for .30 overs? -thanks aaron also might be in the market for >>>NEW<<<< Flex plate and T/A balancer as well.....
  4. Royal-T-Ltd

    Throttle Linkage Washer

    Anybody know of a source for the tabbed linkage washers? I used to have a stainless one but can’t find it and my original broke... Thks - Aaron Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  5. Royal-T-Ltd

    WTB NOS Accelerator/Throttle Cable

    Anybody have a NOS throttle/accelerator cable for sale and doesn't want two arms and a kidney for? Seems that all the aftermarket ones suck balls and aren't the right length and/or quality.... and before i make one from a Lokar kit id rather have a NOS one. thanks in advance aaron
  6. Royal-T-Ltd

    Where's all the event coverage?

    It sucks no one posts photos and coverage on the actual forum that the event is based on and sponsored by.... you have to go to fB to see anything.... i f'n hate fB...
  7. Royal-T-Ltd

    IAC Housing

    Looking for a NOS or Mint IAC Housing..... anyone have one or know where i can find one? Are there any aftermarket or other vehicles that have the same mounting provisions and are currently available NEW? (I am not looking for angle boss type.) thanks - aaron
  8. Royal-T-Ltd

    Centering Rear End?

    Am I correct in thinking that if the rear end is closer to the left side, shortening the right side lower control arm would shift the rear end over to the right.... correct? (This is with non-stock, adjustable control arms) I will be doing it right with measuring and using a plumb bob but...
  9. Royal-T-Ltd

    NOS Evaporator Core or Aftermarket Alternative

    I have searched everywhere and it seems they are no longer available anywhere..... the ones listed for our car now don't have the correct length and bend to connect to the Accumulator.... so what are people doing? Do you think i can just buy the one that is available and have someone modify and...
  10. Royal-T-Ltd

    HotRod PowerTour?

    Anyone going this year.... starts in KC tomorrow & Saturday.... check-in if you will make any stops. -aaron
  11. Royal-T-Ltd

    Scanmaster G for old PowerLogger

    Ok - I'm finally finding some time to install my Scanmaster G and after the install, my new SMG blinks all kind of random numbers. I used the the same Comm link from my old SM 2.1 and I am pretty sure I updated the PL to the newest version, when I open the new version, Scanmaster G is checked...
  12. Royal-T-Ltd

    Anybody ever drill a small hole behind the engine?

    Like the title suggests.... Anybody ever drill a hole on the firewall behind the engine/coil pack? If so, where'd you locate it and where did it line up behind the dash?
  13. Royal-T-Ltd

    Braided Trans Line Routing Ideas

    I've searched and saw Mark's lines... just wanted to see all the options out there, what are you guys doing? I'm assuming there are not too many ways to do it and running through the frame seems to make the most sense. Anybody have an actual measurement on feet of hose needed? Thanks in...
  14. Royal-T-Ltd

    David Husek @ Turbo Buick Performance

    Just wanted to let you guys know (if you didn't already) – David is a good dude! Called him for advice and to get some info and he took the time out from his busy day to talk… He seemed knowledgable, eager to help and caring towards not only his customers but just to any Buick guy. I've never...
  15. Royal-T-Ltd

    Mike D. aka m233roller

    Another purchase made from Mike. Always a pleasure - one of the True Assets to our Buick Community. Parts always arrive quickly, wrapped nicely and DESCRIBED ACCURATELY. I never have to second guess when i buy something from Mike, because i know he is as picky as they come. thanks again...
  16. Royal-T-Ltd

    Drag Week

    Who's got the badass GN that has been running consistent 9's at HotRod Drag Week this week? I've been watching live stream all week and this thing has been trapping high 130's and low 140's... Sounds great, looks great! Way to represent! I may try and sneak a peek at the track tomorrow- just...
  17. Royal-T-Ltd

    Anything going on this weekend?

    The wife and I will be in Cali (Costa Mesa) area for a few days and was wondering if there was anything going on this weekend or if there is some cool car related things that are in the area.... Should I go to Crenshaw and the Weinerschnitzel [emoji16] or is Jay Leno's Big Dawg garage open to...
  18. Royal-T-Ltd

    Buy Your T-Shirts From A Car Guy Made For Car Guys!

    Okay I'm in the process of getting a BUNCH of shirt designs made and wanted to see if people here would be interested in buying any. These would be high quality, very detailed images, printed on nice quality shirts. Since i have all of the control on this, from concept, shirt choice, quality...
  19. Royal-T-Ltd

    Any BMW Owners here?…...

    Recently i have had the pleasure on working on an older E39 [2001] BMW 530i. While i was under the car i notice all the nicely made aluminum parts with their quality welding, Stainless exhaust and excellent suspension feel. Oh and this car has 200,000 miles on it. I have working on it for a...
  20. Royal-T-Ltd

    Wiring Bulkhead Locations?

    Where are all the locations where wiring runs through the firewall? I am tired of the "overtaxed" Speedo Cable hole and before i make my own hole in the firewall, was wondering if there are any other easily accessible locations. thks aaron