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  1. GNRick

    Engine pics

    Been doing some powder coating while heads are at the machine shop.
  2. GNRick

    New oil catch can thread

    Most of the threads are at least 10 years old. Thought maybe an update was in order. Any new opinions and/ or results? Just installed the JLT can on the turbo shield. Haven't tested it out yet.
  3. GNRick

    Ceramic coat

    Anybody use ceramic coat? Best place to buy it? Thanks.
  4. GNRick

    Who wants to buy a 2019 COPO Camaro?

    I received an email from GM this morning. I won the opportunity to buy a copo. Only 69 will be built. Retail $125k for supercharged version. Tack on sales tax and an extra $5k for me. Only 72 hours to make a decision. You can pick the engine and color! Once in a lifetime opportunity!
  5. GNRick

    Credit card offer...a good one

    Capital One Savor card. No fee first year. 4% back on part is $500 cash back after charging $3k in first 3 months.
  6. GNRick

    plastic headlight sealer

    Anybody use Meguiar's headlight sealer?
  7. GNRick

    Coil pack cover for TR6

    Just saw a commercial for They make a cover to hide coils mounted on valve covers. If you have a TR6 with individual coils, you might be interested. I checked the website but didn't see it. On the commercial they said to contact them.
  8. GNRick

    Electrical issue 96 Roadmaster Wagon

    Passenger door courtesy light won't come on. Bulb is good. Dark green and light green wires, which come from door speaker and go to the light, have no power when door is open. Plunger switch in door jamb works, and has a white wire coming out of it. When I open driver's door I hear static in...
  9. GNRick

    Old Hudson car auction August 4

    Will be held in Indiana
  10. GNRick

    Seat belt guide

    How long of a screw is needed to attach the seat belt guide to the headrest? What exactly does the screw go into? Thanks.
  11. GNRick

    "Old Man" from Pawn Stars died
  12. GNRick

    The "Mongoose" died
  13. GNRick

    Which back up camera to buy?

    Need a back up camera for my Roadmaster wagon. Don't want a monitor that sticks to the windshield with a suction cup. So I'm thinking a wireless camera with monitor in the mirror like this...
  14. GNRick

    Question on temp gauge, 96 Roadmaster Wagon

    Bought a wagon, 116k miles. Has the LT1 motor. Coolant gauge usually reads under the 1/2 mark and goes all the way to the right (hot) when I shut the car off. Wondering if it could be the coolant temperature sender? It's only $15. Here is a pic. Thanks!
  15. GNRick

    Driver seat plastic trim

    Looking for the grey lower piece that covers the seat belt windings, and also the little black piece that sits on top of the seat track in the front. There are two but I only need one. Thanks.
  16. GNRick

    Car show Savoy, IL Sunday 4/22/18

    Open to antique cars and trucks 1993 and older. $10 fee, some of which goes to Cunningham Childrens Home in Urbana, IL. Car show will be at Worden Marten Buick GMC, 1404 N. Dunlap, Savoy, IL 61874. 8am -2 pm. Car must be there by 10:30 am. Sponsored by Illini Collector Car Club. Goody bags, door...
  17. GNRick

    Manual seat track

    Looking for driver side manual seat track for 87 GN. Is the 87 seat track different from previous years?
  18. GNRick

    Pot Stock anyone?

    Pot stocks are on fire. Has anyone invested? Canopy Growth (twmjf), Medrelief (medff), pot etf (MJX) are just a few.
  19. GNRick

    Need advice for gps tracker

    Been doing some research and found the Motosafety got good reviews, costs $47, and is hardwired so you don't have to worry about the battery going dead (although one person complained that it was causing his car battery to run down). Here is my question...does a gps tracker depend on cell...
  20. GNRick

    Cool slot car Buick GSX