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  1. Coach

    G-Body Rear Shoulder Belts Coming Soon.

    THERE IS ALSO A POST IN THE SAFETY EQUIPMENT SECTION ON THIS SUBJECT. Hello my Buick comrades, I am moving forward with my kit for 2 rear shoulder belts for G-Body cars. These will be a 3 point harness on a retractor and not the 4 point system I was developing. The 3 point system...
  2. Coach

    Custom Machined Front Engine Plates.

    Hey Guys, You can now order Custom Machined Motor Plates for our Buick’s. This will require a few questions about how you intend to use the plate so it can be Machined specifically for you. They are approximately $250 plus shipping. Thank you Coach
  3. Coach

    Mint to very nice GN wheels....factory chrome

    Hello guys, Show me what you have. Going on a 24,500 mile car. Thank you Coach.
  4. Coach

    Spoolfool Radiator Top Plate Emblem

    Hey guys I started making a custom emblem for the Spoolfool Radiator Top Plate that so many guys are running. A lot of you have put my other emblems on them but this emblem is the biggest emblem I’ve even made. It’s 10” long and made to fit the Top Plate exactly. They are $135 plus shipping and...
  5. Coach

    Stage 2 Edelbrock Tunnel Ram Base

    Hey Guys, I have seen one of these up for sale years ago. I'm fishing the waters for an UNMODIFIED Edelbrock tunnel ram base. No injector bosses and no throttle body flange. Dont need a top plate...just a clean set of runners. I've got plans.... You can text me faster at 814-336-4707...
  6. Coach

    Leir Siegler seat cover question...

    Hello Guys Those of you that have had the rear seat recovered....I have a question. Is the extra bolstering, (the raised sections that make it look like 2 seats in the rear) built into the covers or is it part of the actual seat foam? I was looking for a rear seat to recover, but the...
  7. Coach

    RJC 315-XTF Front Mount Intercooler

    Hello Guys I'm selling my RJC 315-XTF unit because it will not work with my new build. This unit worked extremely well on my street car and made 800fwhp on Richard Clark's dyno. It does not include pipes. New pipes from RJC are $200. My pipes were customized and will not work with any...
  8. Coach

    Leir Seigler Rear Seat

    Hello Guys I need one of these rear seats. It’s being recovered so doesn’t need to be perfect, but I need the cover as a pattern. Thank you Coach
  9. Coach


    Hello Guys I made a small inventory of these for the Nationals in NC in May. I have some left. They are $75 each plus $10 shipping and PayPal fees. They are about 1 1/4" tall x 5 1/2" long PayPal is.... Text me at 814-336-4707 for more info if needed. Thank you Coach
  10. Coach

    Limited Upper door trim

    Hello Guys You guys always seem to come thru when the search comes up empty. I really need the chrome trim pieces for the Limited’s upper door panels. The chrome is pitted and cannot polish out. Rechroming them is not an option as the price is INSANE. Finding a Mint condition pair is my best...
  11. Coach

    Another run of Oil Booster Plates....Who's in???

    Hello Guys, I am making another run of Oil Booster Plates. I only do one run a year so who needs in? These will be a PREPAID ORDER. I'll attach the other thread that has the pictures for the guys who do not know what they do or look like. Lorenz Racing has started using these in every...
  12. Coach

    Little Plastic End Caps for the Decklid Trim piece

    Hello Guys, I need a pair of the small plastic end caps that slide into the trunk lid trim edge piece. Where can I get some? Thank you Coach
  13. Coach


    Hello Guys I am in need of a pair of NOS or MINT Chrome taillight bezels. I can paint the black area but the chrome has to be very very nice. Please text me with what you have. 814-336-4707 I need Bezels only but I will take mint lenses also. Pic for reference. Thank you Coach
  14. Coach

    UGLY WHEEL NIGHT @Barrett Jackson 2018

    Am I the only one who thought that 80%of the cars that rolled thru last night had the ugliest fucking rims ever made on them? This extra large rim bullshit has got to stop. My God can you ruin a car with the wrong wheels, but to make it look like a Chuck Wagon is a complete joke.
  15. Coach

    Under Dash Support Brace..."Stop the Sag"

    Hello Guys I have these back in stock. "Stop the Sag" Fix that annoying panel droop. $42 shipped. PayPal is SEND WITH FEES....NOT AS FRIEND PLEASE SEND YOUR ADDRESS WITH YOUR $$$ Thank you Coach
  16. Coach

    Excellent Condition BLUE Limited Interior

    For Sale A complete 34,000 mile Limited interior....BLUE is the color. Just removed from the car. If you have a Turbo Limited in need of interior, you need this. I'm selling this as a complete package...don't really want to separate. It's all too nice. Excellent condition Factory PLUSH carpet...
  17. Coach

    PLEASE READ..........................PLEASE CLICK THE GOOGLE ADS....

    Hello Guys Just a quick note to help out the board. We need revenue to keep this running so just a reminder.... PLEASE CLICK THE GOOGLE ADS. They help pay for the board to run. If this board were gone...we would all feel the pain. Starting a new board would be no cheaper then this one so...
  18. Coach

    PreOrders ready....XFI Under Seat Mount

    The XFI Under Seat mounts are ready for Pre-Paid orders. They now work extremely well and I lightened them up to 6oz. The INTRODUCTORY PRICE is $57 shipped. ( Canadian shipping will be actual shipping sorry.) The mount comes with stainless steel bolts, washers, and nuts to fasten the unit...
  19. Coach

    Coach's Custom Parts New XFI Under Seat Mount

  20. Coach

    Most Popular Aftermarket Shifter....( New Product Research)

    Hello Guys I have been asked for years about my shifter install on my car, so I have decided to look into the mounting platform I made and possibly build it to sell. Anyone who has ever done an aftermarket shifter install knows it is not easy. Now my shifter was raised and I made a new...