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  1. Coach

    Vacuum Block hard lines

    Make your own.
  2. Coach

    Engine Builders

    A hope and a prayer. He mostly stays with his circle of customers but dont take anyones word for it. Call and ask for yourself. Chris, Billy, and Bob Stanley are all excellent options too.
  3. Coach

    Simple Poll on Brakes

    Powermaster requires regular upkeep. Flushing the lines every spring, and changing fluid. If you do will be very reliable. Now that Richard Clark and Pete Hoffman are doing a true complete rebuild...its easy to get a unit that is practically new.
  4. Coach

    Looking for a KB oil pump booster plate

    The plate i make is non-magnetic stainless steel and provides a new extremely flat wear surface for the gears. It also allows you to set up the gears to whatever clearances you wish using the different gasket thicknesses. Lorenz Racing and other shops use my plates in every build and are...
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    Paid Subscriptions - Please read

    Sorry for my post...they tend to get sidetracked a bit. So this old guy is crying on a park bench. A passing couple stops and asks him whats the issue. he replies....he's just married a beautiful 25 year old model that cooks, cleans, is extremely passionate and loves him very much. The couple...
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    Paid Subscriptions - Please read

    Thank you for the kind words Ray. I check in on you from time to time thru Richard or Xavier. I really hope your ok my friend.
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    Paid Subscriptions - Please read

    I pay pretty heavy fees for most of my porn sights. The Clowns F@#king Horses website is the highest at $3.00 but the Crack Whore Midget Contortionist website just raised their fees. I'd pay here too...
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    Under Dash Support Brace..."Stop the Sag"

    Black Kat Racing website
  9. Coach

    Bowling Green 2020,all welcome.

    The statute of limitations is still in effect for most of my stories... hit me up in 2025 or Me, Ken White, and Steve Kessler will all go to jail. Spoolfool, Bo McDonald, Phoneguy and a few others would probably get out on bail.
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    Who's still around and active?

    Calm down Chuckie... your gonna start humping air if you get too excited...
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    Coach's Custom Emblems.

    Now Chuck, You use a snorkel when you go swimming with fat've told me.
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    Coach's Custom Emblems.

    You posted in the wrong section....and new members are not allowed to sell or offer stuff up for sale without contacting the Board Admin. Thank you Coach
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    Coach's Custom Emblems.

    I only make the TURBO 3.8 LITRE hood emblems. I no longer make the XFI emblems.
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    Intake manifold powdercoating question

    No idea. Never asked. This is not my shop. This is Brian Lorenz Racing. Actually its a 1963 Chevy II tubbed drag car.
  15. Coach

    Intake manifold powdercoating question

    Mine is Vapor Dep coated. It has lasted several years. Not sure if there is any temp changes in this process. It was done as a swap for some parts I built for a friend. Front cover, oil pump, and power steering pump are done the same.
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    soft seal weather stripping

    There is enough for both doors correct??? If so, I'll take them. $$$ ready.
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    G-Body Rear Shoulder Belts Coming Soon.

    THERE IS ALSO A POST IN THE SAFETY EQUIPMENT SECTION ON THIS SUBJECT. Hello my Buick comrades, I am moving forward with my kit for 2 rear shoulder belts for G-Body cars. These will be a 3 point harness on a retractor and not the 4 point system I was developing. The 3 point system...
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    Stock rear shoulder belts.

    Ok, I am moving forward with my kit for 2 rear shoulder belts for G-Body cars. These will be a 3 point harness on a retractor and not the 4 point system I was developing. The 3 point system was pre-approved by my belt manufacturer. I have been in contact with Spoolfool to begin construction of a...
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    Stock rear shoulder belts.

    These have not got approval yet. I submitted 3 ideas to my belt manufacturer and I have not heard back.
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    $1200 stock Radiator LOLOL

    My point is... I’m 50 years old. I lived thru the 80’s-90’s muscle car revival / restoration period. Guys with established careers that now had $$$ wanted the car they had in high school, or their dad had in high school...or whatever the scenario. The prices are not gonna go down. It’s the...