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  1. gnxtc2

    Weldon DB2025A fuel pump

    Weldon 2025A fuel pump (-12 inlet/-10 outlet). Got a clean bill of health from Jim Craig at Weldon this past April 2018. $400 shipped.
  2. gnxtc2

    Track prep

    Just a thought....since most of the heads up cars run radials, anyway of getting the track prepped for radials during quals and eliminations. I don't know what arrangements the GSCA has with Beech Bend for track prep. But if all the heads racers say chip in $10-$25, we'll have a guaranteed...
  3. gnxtc2

    Dash speaker cover screws

    Need the screws for the dash speaker cover. The screws have an internal torx along with the 7mm head. Anyone know where I can get some or the GM part #? Thanks Billy T.
  4. gnxtc2

    2018 TSO Rules Discussion

    Since it's that time of year, rule(s) discussion for TSO 2018 - Remove spindle mount wheel rule. I don't see an advantage if running spindle mounts wheels. It's just for weight savings. - Discuss if V-band mount turbo exhaust housings are allowed or not - Only allow owners/drivers with TSO...
  5. gnxtc2

    Dash screws

    Anyone know the GM part number for the dash screws? They have a 7mm HEX head with an internal torx. I looked in the 44W book and there was no illustration for the screws. Billy T.
  6. gnxtc2

    Steering column shrouds

    Anyone know where to get the steering column shrouds (covers) for a non-tilt column. Prefer gray but color doesn't matter as I could have them painted. Thanks Billy T.
  7. gnxtc2

    Great news!!!!!

    The 2018 Buick GS National's have been moved back.....the dates are 10/10/18 through 10/13/18. This even better news for the Northeast guys, the dates don't clash with East Coast Buick Meet. Kudos to Richard Lasseter for making this happen. Billy T.
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    From Beech Bend's website and the GS National's page. BEECH BEND RACEWAY SCHEDULE CHANGES...Sept. 13 - 16, 2017 Wednesday 13th - Track Open, No Racing, No Gate Fee!! Drop off trailer, Set-up, Rest, Relax, Be Social, Have Fun...
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    Is she a member here?

    Billy T.
  10. gnxtc2

    Trunk RPO code sticker

    On a 1987 trunk RPO sticker, what does the six digit number mean after the VIN? The six digit number is before the "J47". Thanks Billy T.
  11. gnxtc2

    Falling or leading edge

    Wiring a new ignition box in my car. The directions for the ignition box is asking leading or falling edge. I'm running a XFI with a stock Buick crank sensor and distributor. Billy T.
  12. gnxtc2

    Kenny Duttweiler seminar

    For those that are going to be at PRI this coming December Billy T.
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    I'm posting this through my phone. When I go on this site with my laptop, I get this annoying pop-up that says I'm I have an Ad-blocker....who doesn't these days. When I wasn't logged in, I could just click the "x" and it would disappear sort of. Every new screen, the pop-up would...
  14. gnxtc2 blocked

    Well...this site just made the blocked list at work. I was able to view and log in previously. The message that I get is that the origin country is the Netherlands. Billy T.
  15. gnxtc2

    HR Parts & Stuff Discounts

    Got this from Paul Ferry's (owner of HR Parts & Stuff) FB page. Just passing this along We wanted to do a little something for Christmas this year. Been a couple years since we have been able to do anything, and didn't want to miss it this year as well. Offer applies on items purchased...
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    Be on the lookout in the Onatio area..... Billy T.
  17. gnxtc2

    TR6 ignition with XFI

    Finishing up a new install of a TR6 ignition and XFI 2.05. On the TR6 box, I have all the switches set to off. The motor doesn't sound right idling. Checked everything over and everything checked. I got disgusted and had to walk away. Just wondering if the TR6 needs a different set up due...
  18. gnxtc2

    Purple screen

    Who else gets the purple error screen using Chrome? And have to hit reload. Billy T.
  19. gnxtc2

    Fiberglass under dash panel

    I'm working on a GN fixing odds and ends. This car has a replacement fiberglass panel that goes under the dash on the driver side. I forgot the name for the panel but it's the one houses the fuse panel door and covers under the steering column. I know they existed but never saw one in person...
  20. gnxtc2

    Big THANK YOU to.......

    Big Thank you to: - The Hartlines...Cal and especially Holly for putting together one of the biggest payouts for TSO. Cal who kept the racing running smooth. - Jim Carswell for making sure the track was at it's best. Thursday and Friday, the track was on kill. - Lisa (Turbo Stitches) for...