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    Never seen this before

    My cam sensor cap went bad so the great folks at Casper electronics fixed me up with a new cap at a great price. Always a pleasure dealing with those guys. Got the new cap and just installed it since the cam had already been timed with the old cap. Once installed the light would not come on...
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    Stock 86/87 drivers side manifold

    Loooking for and gauging pricing on the drivers side header for a 86/87 header shipped to Cali.
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    Wondering if anyone can see this file

    Had trouble uploading powerlogger files before. Posting this file to see if anyone can see it. If so let me know what you think.
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    To add a drain plug or not

    Gas tank is out, adding new lines and pump. I want to quickly be able to switch fuels and chip, so the question is. Should I go ahead and add the drain plug to the tank to be able to easily drain one type of fuel and add another?
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    Does turbo saver need gasket

    Just received a used turbo saver and was wondering if the part that goes were the oil filter goes needs a gasket like the oil filter?
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    Iac angle boss

    Does anyone have an iac angle boss they are willing to let go
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    E85 tuning tips

    I’m finally switching over to e85. I previously had a stock chip and injector combo I was running until my fuel pump and turbo went bad. I had pretty good success in dealing with the tt 5.7 chip as far as scanning, diagnosing problems, and tuning. Now that I am switching over to e85 is the...
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    Flow matched 80lb injectors with chip

    Didn’t know how to edit my title of last post to put in that the injectors are flow matched. Had these posted before, last guy said he’ll take them and never responded, so they’re still here. Flow matched 80’s with a 5.7 chip. Chip is for a stock block bored 20 over, stock upgraded turbo...
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    80 lb injectors and chip

    I have 80lb flow matched injectors and matching chip from Eric at turbotweak. They were ran once only to find out new used turbo had significant shaft play. I am selling them for $325 plus shipping
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    4 inch maf pipe

    4 inch maf pipe for cold air setup preferably
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    Looking for vendor for transmission build

    Posted in transmission talk and I kind of got the feeling I should of posted here. Looking to rebuild my transmission since it’s out of the car. Engine was rebuilt last year, but the tranny has never been touched. Had the car about 6 years now. I’m looking to build a transmission that can handle...
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    Parts needed to build a high performance transmission

    About to replace my torque converter, and since the transmission is out I figured I’d have it looked over and upgraded. The engine in the car was rebuilt last year. The engine: gn1 stock rebuild kit (je pistons, 4340 crank, 20 over, etc.), champion ported irons and intake, main caps, rjc plate...
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    Correct offset gnx style wheels 16x8

    Selling gnx style rims for the grand national. These are 16x8 which will fit right on grand national. Originally gold they were switched to black ten years ago and touched up 4 years ago. As is $500 obo plus shipping. Or for $750 plus shipping I will repolish and spray them. Also comes with...
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    Stock heads with upgraded springs, seals, valves and stems & stock torque

    Selling stock heads with the dual springs, seals, valves and everything. I would say rebuilt, which they pretty much are, except for the fact they have about 10,000 miles on them. I took them of the car and wrapped them in plastic about a year ago to put on champion irons. They ran great. They...
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    3 inch maf pipe, stock acdelco maf, and 9 inch kn filter

    Had maf pipe for a few years now still in great condition, maf pipe $60 Now, the filter and the maf. I recently tried to rebuild my turbo. In dealing with a shop that in my opinion made mindless mistakes that caused me to send my turbo to them in the mail over and over. After first rebuild, I...
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    Looking for angled iac

    If anyone has an angled iac I’m looking.
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    Help with knock

    Having knock at 8lbs trying to figure out why. For some reason I couldn’t post log or photo of run on other sites maybe it a post here and you can see what’s going on.