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    Converter to Flexplate Gap

    Is a 1/16 to 1/8 gap between converter and flexplate too tight? The flexplate is a JW, the converter is a 9.5 PTC, the converter mounting pads are 1 inch from the trans face. Thanks.
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    New Combo / Old Chip

    Is it ok to just start my new engine with the stock computer? It has an extender chip for a 231 with p&p irons, 210/210 6265 and 80# inj. The new engine is stroked, 9.5:1, p&p GN1's, 224/224, 6766 and 80# inj (for now). I'm leary about currently investing in an ECU GN for an engine not even...
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    Front Coil Spring Install - Help

    Today was lost failing to install stock front coil springs. The rental tool danced off the coils and proved dangerously useless. So, are there any secrets to getting this done short of spending $200 on an OTC 7045 coil spring installer?
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    Oil Pan

    What is the bolt torque spec for oil pan to block?
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    Modifying Detent Plate

    Does anyone have instructions on how to modify the stock shifter detent plate. This mod is done to prevent inadvertently manually shifting the tranny from 2 to OD or N instead of drive. Thanks
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    BHJ Balancer ??

    What is the correct placement of the keyway, trigger wheel and timing marks in relation to each other on a BHJ damper? Should common internet advice prevail by ensuring that the edge of the keyway lines up perfectly with the leading edge on the harmonic balancer. Or, should the BHJ tech sheet...
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    M&A Valve Location vs TA

    My Buick 109 stockblock has pistons with valve reliefs shaped for M&A head valves. Is the valve location of TA aluminum heads similar enough to the M&A head to allow using TA heads instead of M&A on this block? Thanks
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    Alky or Not

    I currently have a Razor's Alky kit. It has not been installed, however. I am a bit hesitant to alter my strong running combo unless performance gains are probable. I understand that results vary, but are performance gains available by switching to 93 or 100 octane and alky vs 100 octane...
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    TR6 No Start

    I installed a new wastespark TR6 in my car, today. The car always started fine before, but with the TR6, it would not start due to a Code 13. Eventually, the cam sensor was set by rotating the engine 1.5 inches ATDC. The cam sensor was turned CW until the cam light turned off, then CCW until...
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    Self Adjusting Mechanism

    The self adjusting lever on my car seems misadjusted and, consequently, inoperable. The self adjuster lever falls too far inward toward the front shoe. This causes the lever to ride over the teeth of the self adjuster and not atop the teeth where it can operate as designed. The car does have...