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  1. gdoutlaw

    Mikety Possitive feedback

    Mikety resolved an issue and put himself at 100% risk to do so. Mikety fixed a shipping problem, and while the parts were on the way, he also simultaneously refunded all my money prior to me receiving my parts. That is going out on a limb to fix an issue. When I did finally get the parts, I...
  2. gdoutlaw

    wtb: Rear Window Trim Chrome

    Looking for set of chrome rear window trim. Let me know what got.
  3. gdoutlaw

    WTB Chrome rear window trim

    Looking for hard top rear window trim in chrome.
  4. gdoutlaw

    Black Plastic on Fire wall

    Need help finding a source for the black plastic in the upper corners of the firewall and under the front window trim. I am trying to figure out what I can use to replace these pieces. I was thinking about cutting them out of a 8 Mil black tarp, but wanted to see what others suggested.