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  1. skidlid

    No power to key?

    My car turned off at a stop light. No power when key is turned on but the headlamp, dome light and lighter work ? Where to start?
  2. skidlid


    Not sure who is building this but I got an email with this story in it...
  3. skidlid

    Hockey hair?

    2018 Minnesota High School hockey tournament was this week. So here is their annual hockey hair video. I wish I could still rock a good mullet!
  4. skidlid

    New Tork City

    I took my family on vacation to New York City this week. All week my16 year old son went on about not seeing any domestic trucks in the city. Friday night in Times Square at a stop light we see a nice super duty, my wife yells at me he is pulling a Buick grand national. Granted they always...
  5. skidlid

    powermaster question

    Last week I took my car our of the shed and noticed the powermaster did not start up. I followed the steps on diagnosing it. The switch had resistance between all the terminals. I then check the fuse and it was good. The motor terminals between b and d did not have resistance...
  6. skidlid


    I started my Buick up yesterday and the pump didn't start and had hard brakes. It seems troubleshooting says the motor is bad. I have no continuity between b and terminal d on the pump. Does anyone have a good one?
  7. skidlid


    I did not get to attend SEMA this year but was checking out some pics from this year and found the following pictures of an Olds 442. Anyone know more about this car?
  8. skidlid

    Turbo id

    This is a pic of my turbo compressor wheel. It is a stock housing but has this style wheel. It has six major fins instead of 7. Is this a ta49? I will have to take off the bell housing to get a measurement if needed. It's on a 86.
  9. skidlid

    steering column help!

    I took my column apart to tighten up the torx bolts in it this morning. While putting it back together I had this spring pop out. I can not find a diagram to show where it goes. Can anybody help?
  10. skidlid

    Reproduction header panel?

    Has anyone used a repo header panel recently? Planned on driving the gn today, parked it in front of the shop and an employee backed into it and broke the header panel. Could have been much worse scratched the bumper, grille and ruined the impact strip. I do own a body shop and have used repo...
  11. skidlid

    wanted 1986 GN header panel

    I am looking for a 1986 Gn header panel. I do not need grill, bezels or lights just the header panel. Fiberglass must be in good shape not looking for cracked up junk. Contact me with price including shipping to 56031
  12. skidlid


    I am just finishing up my paint on my 1986 GN. When I got the car it came with Gnx flares and Gta front wheels. I was never really bothered by the wheel fitment till now though. What would everyone recommend for the best adapter size to push the wheels out some. I have tried the search but...
  13. skidlid

    stolen gn in Minnesota

    Just heard on the news that a local dealer had on of their 1987 Grand Nationals stolen here in southern MInnesota. The dealer had two on with 3400 miles and one with 50000 not sure which one is gone now.
  14. skidlid


    I am looking at getting a dual pillar pod, small 25# boost guage , and a small tach for pod. Also need a rear headliner trim piece. Any body have any of these items? pm what you have
  15. skidlid

    wanted a/c line clamps

    I am putting air back in my 1986 Gn. I need two clamps that hold the a/c line to the radiator support.
  16. skidlid

    Repainting car questions

    I am thinking of stripping my 86 gn this fall and refinishing it. I am a professional auto body technician since 89 and have run a shop since 2001. A couple questions I have on these cars before I start. Should I over restore the finish, as in color sand it flat or leave some orange peel to...
  17. skidlid


    My cruise was not working so I purchased a used vss. Once I removed the gauges I found the original vss had the fiber optic cables spliced with regular wire connectors and the vss was not plugged in by radio. Put new one in and cruise works good but car seems to stumble under hard...
  18. skidlid

    Turbo I'd from plate?

    Can a turbo be identified by the plate stamped on the backside? Stamped Garrett 466748-5005. Casting has a/r .60 Tried searching but found no help
  19. skidlid

    power window kit

    I am looking for a power window kit, like an A1 power window kit. I just purchased a 1986 GN that a prior owner removed the power windows and installed manual windows. I would be interested in oem window regulator, motor, wire harness and switches also.
  20. skidlid

    Seat belt release

    Looking for a seatbelt release for drivers side. I believe this is the correct term for arm located on lower b pillar.