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    1987 Buick Turbo T WE4 For Sale

    Its a sad day, this is my second TB powered car ive had to sell and i have a feeling when i want another one down the line ill be kicking myself in the butt for selling this one. To save time im reposting what i wrote up on my local craigslist ad. Its a great car and i love her but i just bought...
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    Valvoline VR1 10W30 banned in CA

    WTF! I couldnt figure out why the majority of online retailers were refusing to ship to my house and i figured its because i just moved to Oakland from Alameda. Turns out VR1 10W30 is no longer to be sold in CA! What the hell??!?! I had been running the 20W50 but had rather high oil pressures so...
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    So close yet so far! CA Smog

    Trying to get the 87 WE4 smogged. All stock for the most part besides a down pipe, 42lb injectiors and LS1 MAF. Got an emissions chip in there today and got damn close but still little off. Got it real HOT for the test and these are the results: The numbers got 100x closer when i through in the...
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    Fuel Pressure

    Just installed a new racetronix fuel pump and upgraded in tank harness. Went to set the fp at idle and compared to the old walbro pump I had 60psi with the line off. Started backing out the adjustment screw and got it down to 48ish but I was weary of backing out the screw any farther as it was...
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    Fuel Pressure issues! Mmmm Mmmm Toasty!

    Long story short my fuel pressure has been acting up. First it was the factory relay then it was completely random when things would go in and out. Frustrating as all hell! I had recently upgraded the fuel pump to a walbro with a hotwire kit from g-body parts. When i was diagnosing the system...
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    Seat Bolt/Bushing

    So I just got a set of used we4 seats and I'm missing some hardward. The opposite to the hinge mechanism that bolts the upper and lower seats together is a single bolt that has a collar that also houses a bushing. Of course I need one of them and can't seem to source anything on the net and...
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    Seat Tracks and Side Trim

    Just bought a set of seats for the WE4 and they didnt come with seat tracks. Does anyone have anything for sale? Manual bucket front seats. Im replacing a set of aftermarket seats and have no other way to mount up the fronts. I also need the side covers for the seats that over up the spring...
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    Fuel Pump /Electrical Gremlins

    So pulled the Buick out the other day after it sitting for 4 weeks or so. Go out cruising, go about 25-30 miles make a stop, get on it a few times everythings going great. I pull up to another stop and when i go to restart the car nothing. Ends up i have no fuel pressure. Im not getting anything...
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    Code 33 after Maf and Translator install

    Just hooked up a ls1 maf and Translator. Switches inside the translator are all set correctly for the TT chip. Went to start the car and the idle was crazy rough at first. Figured the ecu was learning the new system. Idle stabilized after 20 seconds. Then I hit a code 33. No leaks everything...
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    Up pipe fitment

    Recently swapped the injectors and while i was in there i went ahead and installed the RJC power plate. Now i really doubt it made that much of a difference the extra 5mm out height from the TB but now my up pipe does not fit! Not quite sure exactly how it was installed before as i just bought...
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    Too cool?

    Just got myself a nice little WE4! Mostly stock only 85k and im the third owner! Anyways going through the car and doing my best to fix or make everything the way it should be. One thing i noticed was the coolant temp never gets hot. The only thing, visible, is an aftermarket oversized...
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    WTB Stock Seats!

    Recently picked up a nice WE4 except for the fact that someone replaced the front seats and reupholstered the rear seat. Anyone with a grey T-type or GN set of seats let me know! Dave
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    Razor's Alchy Control kit!!!

    Never mounted never used alchy kit for a TTA but i imagine can be put on a GN with little effort/carryover parts. I payed big money for it when it was purchased new however i sold my TTA and now have no need for it so best offer! Either give me an email, post up here, or call my phone. Dave...
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    Fs: Tta $6500

    Its back up for sale the buyer flaked. Car has to go come get it and start enjoying this badass car!!! Dave 510-851-1499
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    Alchy Control Kit

    Alchy Control kit never mounted $400 obo! This kit is for the TTA and has never been mounted or used. Comes with a replacement driverside lower panel with Controls already mounted! Give me a call @ 510-851-1499 or David
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    TTA for sale
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    WTT TTA for Truck

    What ya got!?!?!? I'm lookin to get a truck and for now the TTA must GO!!! David
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    Could a cometic steal headgasket or a RJC powerplate block my egr passages on a TTA? I stick my hand down there and depress the diaphram and there is no change in idle:eek: David
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    89 TTA for sale

    Looks like i cant afford to keep this car! Really want to keep it but at the time its not possible. My mods are listed in the signature. I can answer any and all questions if u contact me direct at fiveonezero Eight51-1499 David
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    Catalytic Converter

    Which cat should i buy for the TTA? And where should i get it mounted. I have a full ATR system and a THDP. I dont really want to cut into the ATR but i dont think i got a choice! David