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  1. HotAirWH1

    Identify Part

    Anyone know what this part is or where it came from on my 85 T Type ??? Found it sitting on the driver side upper control arm.
  2. HotAirWH1

    ceramic protective coatings

    Thinking about using a ceramic protective coating in lieu of a car wax & paint sealant on my fresh painted T-Type. It was painted well over a month ago and stored away until recently so the paint has gassed out. Has anyone used the ceramic product and what is your opinion.
  3. HotAirWH1

    Help Looking for a Member

    Not sure if this is the right forum and maybe an Administrator could help. I purchased a part from a member here on site a while back and he had some mix up with the mail. I have no contact information for him. Due to the Forum Crash, I lost all "Alerts" and "Conversations" with him between Oct...
  4. HotAirWH1

    Search Down ?

    Is the search feature working. I haven't been able to access it since the crash.
  5. HotAirWH1

    Trans Fluid ?

    Need to change the trans fluid. The fluid in there is not a synthetic and last replace sometime in the late 80's. Shall I stay with a non synthetic or can I use a synthetic since there will be some old fluid left in the torque converter.
  6. HotAirWH1

    Detent Cable Length

    Does anyone have the GM Part Number for the Cable - Transmission Throttle Valve (Detent) for a 1985 T-Type and is the cable length 37.25" or 43.75" Thx.
  7. HotAirWH1

    Replacing the carpet on the lower door panels

    Any suggestions on removing the carpet from the lower door panels and the best way to clean & adhere a new piece ? Thanks in advance for any pointers and what to avoid.
  8. HotAirWH1

    Digital Dash Problem

    Just Installed the digital dash that was refurbished by Casper's in the spring. Before I did it, I replace the 25 amp fuse behind the cluster. After plugging it in and starting the car the dash still flickers and reads stupid stuff for the fuel and trip meter . I took it for a spin around the...
  9. HotAirWH1

    Insulation Install

    I'm about to install the behind rear back seat Insulation Rubber Backed Jute and would like to know if the rubber backing faces the trunk or the jute faces the trunk ? Or when viewing from the trunk do you see the rubber backing or the jute ? Any help much appreciated.
  10. HotAirWH1

    Q - power window switch

    Ready to install the window switches in the door panels and was wondering what is the proper way to install the switch so when the switch is pushed up the window goes up and not down. I attached pic's of the back of the switches assuming that this is the way they would be installed in the door...
  11. HotAirWH1

    Rubber Plugs

    Where can I get new rubber plugs that go in the inside bottom of the door ? Looks like 3 along the bottom.
  12. HotAirWH1

    Tail Pipe

    I recall reading somewhere on how to cut aftermarket exhaust tail pipe "tips" to look like the factory tail pipe tips . What are the dimensions / angle of the cut ???
  13. HotAirWH1

    Front Seat Track Spring

    looking for the larger spring that fits the bucket seat track assembly. Need two.
  14. HotAirWH1

    bucket seat pull back springs

    Does anybody have a diagram (pic's) or can explain where the placement of the pull back springs on the seat rails go.
  15. HotAirWH1

    85 T-Type Front Grill

    Looking for a NOS, or as good as new front grill... must be for a 85 TR
  16. HotAirWH1

    Upper Dash Screws

    Well, I did it again. I hate getting old. Lost / misplaced the Upper Dash screws (the 5 - standard hex head with torx drive screw) for the plastic panel covering the speakers. Could someone tell me the size and length of the screws so I can hunt them down or have some extra laying around they...
  17. HotAirWH1

    OEM Re-pop Replacement Windshield

    I need some thoughts / guidance on a correct OEM replacement windshield for our TR's. What manufactures offer this front glass ??? Thx.
  18. HotAirWH1

    Front Dash Speaker

    Looking for the front dash speaker: Ac Delco 3.5 inch - 10 Ohm - PN 16040894
  19. HotAirWH1

    Spare Tire Rim

    Need spare tire rim
  20. HotAirWH1

    Regal Badges

    I'm looking for NOS (still in the boxes) "REGAL" emblem located on rear quarter panel of some T-Types, Regal & Regal Limited GM part number # 20568989