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  1. 87GNcospg

    Racetronix Fuel Line kit

    I am in the process of installing the Racetronix teflon supply/return lines, 525lph Hellcat pump, and hot wire kit. The tank is dropped and fuel pump installed. I've removed the small section of factory supply/return lines at the back of the car. The section that starts above the axle and goes...
  2. 87GNcospg

    Dump Pipe Cap

    Does anyone know where I can buy a cap for a dump pipe? I need the typical 3 hole cap.
  3. 87GNcospg

    Copper turbo to passenger header gasket

    Anyone ever have luck finding one of these gaskets at a local part store?
  4. 87GNcospg

    In-Line Fuel Pump Runs Continuously

    I am working on a friends Turbo Trans Am that has a rough idle. While setting the TPS I noticed his in-line fuel pump runs continuously with the key on and engine off. It doesn't stop after it is primed. It will run for as long as you have the key on. To my knowledge, this car still has the...
  5. 87GNcospg

    Timing Chain advice

    I am going to be replacing the timing chain on my 87 in the next few weeks as preventative maintenance. After some research i discovered this thread part number is TA V1522B link to TA performance...
  6. 87GNcospg

    Factory TR Service Manual I have sent an email but no response for a few days. Just curious if he is still shipping out cds before i send him my $20.
  7. 87GNcospg

    Eaton posi unit

    Looking for a good used 28 or 30 spline. Thanks
  8. 87GNcospg

    3" downpipe

    Who actually sells the 3" THDP? is it discontinued? Is the 3" GN1 pipe pretty much the same thing? here is a link for full throttles 3"
  9. 87GNcospg

    What to do with my stock rear end....

    I was blessed without having the G80 option on my GN. What have you guys done in this situation? Just get an Eaton unit or should I invest more in building a stronger rear end, axles, etc. Goals are to eventually have a high 10 second car.
  10. 87GNcospg

    Intercooler comparison

    I am sure this has bean beaten to death already but the search function isn't very functional. maybe i am just bad at it. What are the pros and cons between the GN1 front mount and the RJC? Price is the biggest difference but is there a proven quality difference between the two?
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    Easy Oil Filter Question

    My GN and TTA have been semi-retired so i have not logged in for a while. I think my search abilities have been revoked :mad: haha What oil Filter does an 87 Buick use? I think a big filter choice would be a PF-52 but i dont remember. What oil Filter does a 1989 Turbo TA use? Last time i...
  12. 87GNcospg

    Boost Issues

    I have been dealing with this problem off and on for probably a year now. I am using a greddy spec II electronic boost controller, stock dp, hd wastegate, T63E, stock intercooler. . . . i have had the greddy controller at every possible setting and i cannot get anything more than 16 psi. no...
  13. 87GNcospg

    '00 SS camaro rear end

    i can pick up a rear end from an '00 camaro for $100. works great and has low miles. 10 bolt has 7 5/8 ring gear, exciters for the disc brakes, etc. would this rear end happen to bolt right up into an 87 GN? or would i be able to take the guts/pumpkin out and put it into our rear ends? anyone...
  14. 87GNcospg

    1989 Turbo Trans Am #253

    Up for sale is my fathers 1989 Turbo Trans Am. It is #253 of 1555. We do have the letter from Pontiac to prove its validity. It is leather with T-Tops. The car is in excellent condition inside and out. It has 88,789 miles on it. The interior is in near perfect condion. The motor runs strong...
  15. 87GNcospg

    1987 Buick Grand National For Sale you do not need to be a member of the forum to browse the for sale section. this car has been an original colorado car. well documented. when it was taken to the track it was always at or above a 5000ft elevation :) .
  16. 87GNcospg

    Need More Boost

    i have the greddy profec b spec II controller. stock elbow and downpipe. lareger puck installed in the elbow. HD wastegate with the rod turned all the way in. T63E. i can only get about 18-19 psi out of this thing. i dont have any exhaust leaks or vacuum leaks. greddy unit is hooked up...
  17. 87GNcospg

    Powermaster Hissing/part #

    i tried a search and there is so much crap relating to these things i could not find what i was looking for. the search engine on here is a little bit screwy too. i have a refurbished powermaster unit from autozone. i am not sure on the part number. if anyone knows the part # that would be...
  18. 87GNcospg

    Dual Fan wiring question

    I installed the dual fans from and installed the racetronix harness. i have a manual switch wired in. the switch is a single throw double pole switch so i have control over high and lo. the switch is wired to a ground, one wire going to...
  19. 87GNcospg

    Greddy Profec B Spec-II users

    im curious as to where everyone elses settings are for their Hi boost. Gain and Start boost/set gain? what % for every 1psi increase is everyone seeing? 10% on the set(desired boost pressure) for 1 psi etc. we will need to know your setup also. Turbo, wastegate (stock, external, spring...
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    Casper Electronics

    what happened to their webiste? any one know any info?