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  1. lost2a6

    Need Car Fax report

    I'm helping a good friend get his old 86 F150 work truck running. We got a donor engine from the local junk yard to go in his truck. It came out of a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer with unknown mileage. We would like to know the mileage on this engine and was wondering if anyone could run the VIN and...
  2. lost2a6

    Shutting down problem

    I'm working on a friends 86 GN. Problem is when I go WOT with it and it hits second, the car acts like you just shut the key off and then back on. It does this several times and if you stay in it, the power is not much more than an idle. It doesn't bust up or backfire, sort of reminds you of...
  3. lost2a6

    GN 1 Performance extreme radiator fitment & oil cooler issues

    What's the trick to installing the GN 1 Performance extreme radiator? Mine is hitting the middle top tab of the core support and the top trans cooler fitting is hitting the A/C condenser. I can cut the tab on the core support but the fitting hitting the condenser will still not let it go far...
  4. lost2a6

    Translator Plus

    I running a translator plus and I want to do away with the harness that is used for adjusting the spark advance through the translator. Can I just hook the original factory spark advance wires back together and the translator plus still control the fueling as normal?
  5. lost2a6

    Blew another head gasket

    I just wanted to share a problem that I've been having lately. My car has devolved a miss fire under high boost. This results in it popping back through the intake. The last time that it did this, it popped a couple of times and then had a very loud violent boom! This in turn blew both head...
  6. lost2a6

    Source for the Silicon Bronze guides that will fit the GN-1 heads.

    I have the 2nd generation Champion GN-1 heads that have the POS steel exhaust guides. Could someone point me in the right direction as to where I can purchase the proper Silicon Bronze guide. I don't have the heads apart yet so I don't know what size that I need and was hoping that the person...
  7. lost2a6

    Engine coolant in oil

    I'm having a issue with my coolant going into my oil. I was fighting a ignition problem and it backfired a few times through the intake. As a result, I'm seeing coolant going straight into the oil. The engine is running fine, not missing or running rough, no excessive engine blow by, and I'm not...
  8. lost2a6


    I just received my new Boze Mesh wheels. The fronts are at 17 X 8 with a 3.750 BS. Rear is 18 X 10 with a 4.750 BS. I'll post more pictures when I get them mounted.
  9. lost2a6

    17 X 8 Centerline Saber Wheels & Tires

    (4) 17 X 8 Centerline Saber Wheels and BF Goodrich Comp TA 275/40/ZR-17 Tires. Wheels have the dual bolt pattern 5 X 4.500 & 5 X 4.750. Back space is 3.500. The rims have no curb rash and are not bent what so ever. They are almost absolutely perfect other than needing to be polished some. The...
  10. lost2a6

    WTB A/C line for 86 87 turbo car.

    I need some nice A/C lines for my 87 GN. This is the ones that go to the compressor. Thanks!:)
  11. lost2a6

    Control Bar VS Air Bag???

    I was just wondering what the difference would be on a properly inflated air bag versus a big sway or control bar? I have had some very good 60 ft times on just a air bag. I would like to hear from someone that has compared the two in the 60 ft times only. Thanks!:cool:
  12. lost2a6

    Tire pressure for Mickey Thompson ET streets

    I'm getting ready to take my car to the track and I need a starting point for my 295/55-15 ET street radials. I have a 10'' wide wheel and a full weight GN. I tried to do a search. Thanks!
  13. lost2a6

    Duty Cycle with 55s

    Well, I have just got my car up and running after installing the WB with powerlogger and alky, along with Eric's 6.1 chip for alky. I made some runs to try to log some data. My DC is around 93% with 23lbs of boost. This is with a A/F ratio of 10.8. I want to run 25 lbs of boost however I'm...
  14. lost2a6

    Intrepid fan motor wires

    I'm going to be installing 2000 Intrepid fans on my GN. What I have noticed is, there appears to be two hot wires on the motors, Green and tan along with a ground. When I apply 12 vdc to either one of the wires, the fan seems to be on high. What would be the purpose of the second wire, would one...
  15. lost2a6

    Siemens 55 lbs Injectors

    I built my car 13 yrs ago and I'm trying to bring it up to date. I'm installing the AEM wide band, powerlogger, and Alky. I will need to have Eric burn me a turbotweak chip to run in closed loop with the WB. My question is, do I have the 55s maxed out, should I go with the new 80s? My build is...
  16. lost2a6

    Bringing old tires back to life?

    I have some old Hoosers that still have a lot of rubber left on them, however they are about 10yrs old. They have been stored out of the sun without any air in them. Do any of you guys think that I can put some tire softener on them and bring them back, or would I just be wasting time and...
  17. lost2a6

    TV Exhaust valve and spring

    Do any of you guys know what the numbers would be in the repair manual identifying the TV Exhaust Valve and the spring? Thanks!
  18. lost2a6

    Surface gap spark plugs?

    Have any of you looked into using surface gap plugs in our turbo Buicks? My father is a retired outboard motor mechanic and I remember as a kid, some of the mid 70's Johnsons used the surface gap plugs and from what I understand, this type plug is used to practically eliminate detonation.
  19. lost2a6

    Heat range with alcohol

    I'm getting ready to install razors alky kit on my car. What should I do about heat range on the plugs. I'll be using pump gas with the alky. If I recall, I currently have the R43TS. It has iron heads. Thanks.
  20. lost2a6

    Powerlogger question?

    I'm new to this powerlogger thing. My question is on the "Reflash PL" button. When I change a setting on the config page, do I need to switch over to the help page and click on the "Reflash PL" button before I disconnect the computer from the PL so that it will store the new settings? Thanks.