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  1. quicker6

    Looking for GN header panel, passenger fender, passenger door, and hood.

    Hey guys, As the title says, im looking for a header panel, passenger fender, passenger door, and hood for my 86 GN. Had a run in with a deer. Paint condition is not important but, prefer little to no damage or rust. The closer to Minnesota/Minneapolis the better. Email pics and prices to...
  2. quicker6

    Attempted auto theft - need passenger door

    Hey guys, I'm new to the Jacksonville area and I had left my car out in the driveway for two days while rearranging/cleaning my garage. Well, apparently someone had tried to break into the car and now my passenger side door is damaged. Just wondering if anyone nearby had one for sale and if so...
  3. quicker6

    Need transmission shifter cable clip

    Hey guys, I'm in need of the transmission shifter cable clip that secures the cable to the transmission bracket at the pan under the car. Lmk if you got one like the one in the picture. Located in OKC. Thanks, Derek
  4. quicker6

    Ck billet servo installation instructions needed

    Hey all, I have a ck billet servo for my BRF trans and need installation instructions. I did order this new quite some time ago but it did not come with any. It is the servo that comes with cover, 1 large washer, and a new small diameter spring. Tried running a forum search but couldn't find...
  5. quicker6

    Cheap stuff for sale!

    All parts are available for pick up at my parents house in Ewa. Trying to clean out the yard some. 3(ea) t-type rims - need to be cleaned up $25/ea 2(ea) 15" x 8" GNX style wheels. Fit the buicks perfect with 26x10 slicks mounted. Need to be cleaned up $25/ea 1(ea) turbo regal hood. Didnt...
  6. quicker6

    Visiting from 07/10/12 till 07/18/12

    Hey Everyone, im flying back into Hawaii for a week to visit family. Was wondering if anyone would be interested in a Turbo Buick Ohana gathering? I have a friend that manages Germaines Luau in Campbell Industrial Park that can get our party in at half price ($25/person last I checked) with free...
  7. quicker6

    WTB Ported iron heads.....

    Hey everyone, A long time ago I posted here looking for heads and had several responses. I never checked into them because I was told by my machine shop that they would port a set out that I gave them for a reasonable price. Well, its been 6 months and they havent touched them yet. So once...
  8. quicker6

    Need Ported heads ASAP

    Well, after a long wait for my ported heads from the machine shop I received word today that they arent any good. Apparently one of the valve seats cut into the water jacket. So, I really need to find a good deal on another set. I had just over a $1000 into those and now have a pair of useless...
  9. quicker6

    200R4 Deep pan

    Hey guys, In search of a deep transmission pan for the GN. Let me know what you have. Price and pics appreciated. Thanks!!
  10. quicker6

    TE63 and Hooker downpipe with deltagate CHEAP!

    Hey guys, I have a TE63 with .63 exhaust housing. No in/out play, slight side to side play, doesnt burn oil, and came off my running car in favor of an upgrade. Inlet had a spot chipped off as seen in pic but its been smoothed out and doesnt affect performance. I wouldnt hesitate to run it as...
  11. quicker6

    Performance parts and stock stuff, LOOK!!

    Hey everyone, Im upgrading a few parts on my car so Im getting rid of what I dont need. Pics are available and can email them as requested. 1. TE63 turbo - no in/out shaft play, slight side to side play, fins look good and are not hitting the housings. Doesnt burn oil and has .63 A/R...
  12. quicker6

    200r4 trans pan

    Anyone have a cheap stock or aftermarket tranny pan available? Lmk
  13. quicker6

    ECM, Max-effort R, chips, injectors, bezels, etc.

    I have a few things for sale: 1. 86/87 stock ECM - $50 2. Several stock inj. chips - $30/each (see pics) 3. 40 lb inj set of 6 lightly used with a Kenne Bell chip - $150 4. Max-Effort R mafless, user adjustable, 16 pos. thumbwheel switch for 72 lb inj. (ECM not included) - $130 5...
  14. quicker6

    LOOK!! 86 GN Interior and Body Parts for sale

    Have a few parts for sale to help buy other much needed parts lol. Pics will be available sometime tomorrow after I dig the parts out of storage. 1. Front and Rear GN black bumper fillers, original flexible plastic in good shape , $300 + shipping for the set. 2. Upper door panels, drivers...
  15. quicker6

    Shifter cable, head gaskets, stage right brake

    I'm looking for a new or good used trans shifter cable for my GN as well as headgaskets (prefer cometic) and a trans brake. Need to get ready for this season. Let me know what you got, thanks!
  16. quicker6

    86-87 GN Parts, Engine, Door Panels, Dash, Body Parts, MORE!!

    Hey Everyone, I have a few parts I'd like to clear from my garage. May add more so subscribe to this thread. I have lots of Buick parts accumulated. I am in Oklahoma City, OK. Prefer not to ship large items. Pics available sometime tomorrow. 1. 87 GN engine (includes pretty much everything...
  17. quicker6

    Scanmaster 2.1 for GN

    Looking to make an easy and quick sale on my scanmaster. It works great and the wires have never been cut. Still in like new condition. Sell for $210/shipped anywhere in the US via priority mail. I also take paypal. Thanks :cool:
  18. quicker6

    Sy/Ty alky kit FS

    Click the link below for more info and pics. Thanks, Derek
  19. quicker6

    Alky control kit FS/Trade for PS3 Cheap!!

    Hey everyone, Happy Holidays!! I have a Syclone/Typhone progressive single nozzle alky kit FS or trade for a good condition gently used PS3. I bought this kit over a year ago and was told it was for a Buick GN. Well, it was a kit for a sy/ty instead so I myself have never used it. Doesn't...
  20. quicker6

    50 lb chips, Translator plus, and LT1 MAF

    As the title says, I need a translator set-up with the MAF sensor to work with my turbotweak chip. I'd really like to use the chip but, if anyone has any other 50 lb chips (street and race) I'd probably try them out too. LMK prices please shipped to Oklahoma!! Thanks, Derek:cool: