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  1. psycho6cyl

    Electrical connector help

    Have this plug on an ac unit at work and need a replacement. Trying to find it with no luck. Need connector with male pins. Any help appreciated. Also if you have a cheap place to buy said connector
  2. psycho6cyl

    Measuring mains

    I'm going to have to tear out bottom end to possibly rehone a cylinder. Do I have to remeasure everything? Or when I put back together just put caps in right places and torque accordingly?
  3. psycho6cyl

    Stretched piston rings and gap #s

    Well starting.g to go back into car. Excessive blow by 50% on leak down going into pan, I pulled rings to check gap .016 top and .022 bottom. Put them back on piston and they seem really wide now. Can't remember if they were like that or not. I can basically take the ring off no problem for...
  4. psycho6cyl

    Piston Ring Help

    So I'm putting new rings in. Did searches and my head is swimming. The motor is pretty stout will be running excess of 22lbs of boost. Total seal has a couple of options. Which ones do I want? Will be doing file fit. What's the best gap to run? Thx
  5. psycho6cyl

    Buick Power Source Book

    How good is the book? Is it outdated stuff in there or still things to live by? Does it talk about head torque? Valve lash and lifter preload? Just curious if it's worth it if I can get my hands on one thx
  6. psycho6cyl

    How much is a fast xfi system worth soup to nuts w edash

    Just curious what's a fair price to ask for a fast xfi 2.0 w edash. Low miles as if that matters u see 3k mounted inside comes w logging kit and transducers. Will leave tunes from Cal loaded. Any ideas? Thx
  7. psycho6cyl

    what do i need to complete my turbo LS transplant

    its snowing and I'm dreaming but i was wondering whats left to switch over to turbo ls. I have xfi double pumpers -8 feed -6 return external press regulator, rjc 315 fmic.. besides the motor trans i think only thing really left is wiring? not saying its easy,actually my biggest challenge. i...
  8. psycho6cyl

    pictures running external fuel regulator

    I have the some fuel rails i will be upgrading soon. Was wondering how everyone was running their lines -8, and where they are mounting the regulators. Still have ac in ca. any pics appreciated
  9. psycho6cyl

    Front pump removal

    Any tricks to removing it? Dropped filter it's a non lock so no solenoid and took bolts out. Doesn't seem to budge. I can only do it on the horizontal position.. any input appreciated. I didn't see any tapped holes either..
  10. psycho6cyl

    Oil pump problems. Only primes w certain filters

    So as stated my motor will only start w your standard filter. I tried Buickgn turbo saver couldn't start, went back to regular filter no problems. Changed to k/n filter w nut on end and wouldn't build pressure. Tried priming it w that filter on and no pressure. Put regular filter on and it...
  11. psycho6cyl

    Any one willing to take a look at my xfi logs

    Hey guys just curious if anyone will take a look at my logs and help me out with a cold start issue.. Takes excessive cranks to start. When she does fire I have to feather gas and sometimes it dies. I'm on my phone and can only send via email if that's ok. Much appreciated.
  12. psycho6cyl

    Smoke out the breathers

    This is a fresh build with under 2k miles on it. No reported knock maybe max was 25psi with Alky. I seem to have intermittent smoke out the catch can for breather. Haven't pulled plugs or anything yet. Car runs like a top. Oil is not milky and haven't lost coolant. It was smoking like this on...
  13. psycho6cyl

    Oil pump gasket

    So have a leak coming from the oil pump gasket. I looked quick but didn't full see is this something I can do in car or do I have to pull front cover off? If I can do in car I still have to pack it w Vaseline and reprime? Any help is appreciated
  14. psycho6cyl

    Stock trans pan w bung for sensor

    Looking for a stock trans pan with a bung already in it. Let me know what ya got with some pics
  15. psycho6cyl

    Xfi Comm port failed help.

    Forgive my computer stupidness: So I can not connect to my xfi. This is a Windows 8 machine running Windows 7. I know it does work bc I've had someone w serial port connect right up. I have the USB to serial connector as well. I think I installed drivers from website but how do I know if I did...
  16. psycho6cyl

    will putting a sprag in my spragless convert lower heat

    As the title says will putting a sprag in my converter lower heat? any down sides running one on the street? figure 99% street car with long trips. or will i have to go back to a conventional lock up trans and converter? thanks
  17. psycho6cyl

    PTC Converter how many blade do i have? part # included

    i can't remember from my build what i have can anyone clue me in. part # is PTC-905 (or 9-5)-799-27-17-0-SL thx for any info
  18. psycho6cyl

    WTB: Champion Racing Fuel Rails Short ones!

    I need Champion Racing Fuel Rails for external/aftermarket regulator. Can trade parts or good ole cold hard cash!!! Lots of it.. Lol lemme know what you got!
  19. psycho6cyl

    Fuel system needs.

    I've searched and searched and I'm dizzy. Looking for some advice. Will be installing a ractronix double pumper w a/n fittings. I know I have to run a -8 feed and -6 return. I will probably going champion rails w remote regulator.. If my understanding is correct I will duall feed the (front)...
  20. psycho6cyl

    Why are plumbers always the problem!!! Actually G.C. in general

    Long story short: I am a superintendent of a luxury co op in NYC. I oversee all day to day operations and renovations in ppls apts. Few rules to really go by buy for some reason they can't seem to follow. When installing branch valves you must braze t.p. to copper fitting. Guys come w small...