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  1. psycho6cyl

    Holley Pro Dash

    Post of work and progress
  2. psycho6cyl

    Smoke out the breathers

    I pulled the motor had like 50% blowby in cylinder #5 havent done ahit since lol
  3. psycho6cyl

    Questions on selling car to someone in Illinois

    See in ny cara before 73 or 74 didnt have totles but transferable registrations. It acts like a title. That maybe case w ct as well. Also could always hire a title search company and theyll get one.
  4. psycho6cyl

    Hypothetical Questions........

    o) give that mfer some sweet chin music bc no one disturbs me while I'm buying GN hot wheels :D
  5. psycho6cyl

    selling my GN

    Yes we as tr guys knows its worth more nut lets be honest. Few outside of the tr crowd that for a modded one. And the gn guys are cheap so u wont get it from them lol. Its on the low side but cash is king. Whqt its worth and what u can get are usually very different things..
  6. psycho6cyl

    Where to tap for signal to amp

    Could also tap into ign spot on fuse panel.
  7. psycho6cyl

    Who wants to buy a 2019 COPO Camaro?

    Buy it then hit barrett jackson in summer.. ill take 3% for info lol
  8. psycho6cyl

    Engine knocking after burn out

    And shes building a stairway to poverty...... lmao
  9. psycho6cyl

    roof skin difference between regal and monte carlo

    Wonder if u put monte roof and glass would anyone pick it up
  10. psycho6cyl

    SEMA - Any Way In?

    Dont waste your time starting a fake company w fake id badges emails etc bc they actually do check. Ask me how i know lmao
  11. psycho6cyl

    Grand National in front of barn twins

    So that means yours is probaly worth 75k at minimum lol
  12. psycho6cyl

    2019 Snap-on Tools wall calendar

    Please post a pic bc no one wants to drop 150 for a
  13. psycho6cyl

    Fastest Turbobuick?

    I know the guy from northwest gn was going for record idk if he hit it..
  14. psycho6cyl

    Shipping a pallet link?

    R and l transporters
  15. psycho6cyl

    85 GN intercooled value

    5-6 as long as those ttop sealsand metal are good
  16. psycho6cyl

    1800 HP Twin Turbo Grand National!

    You completely missed the whole point. And then just like a grouchy old man,he only reads what he wants to read lol
  17. psycho6cyl

    1800 HP Twin Turbo Grand National!

    Idk where you been ny but most of the car world outside of tr land things our motors are shit. How many times have i heard at car shows "oh atill have the v6? Theyre so unreliable,tempermental etc. Almost like someone that is solely a single turbo guy and says youre killing buick engines idea of...
  18. psycho6cyl

    How about a Vendor Appreciation Thread?

    Big thx to Brian B. He fcks for a buk.. hahaha. Id say 99.9 vendors are great here its just usually miscommunication that screws it all up and ego. And also w the net everyone is quick to write something bc they were wronged instead of hashing it out. At end of dsy its just money itll be...