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  1. Reedogg

    4th Gen F-body Seat Belt Guide.

    Just installed a set of seat belt guides from a 4th gen Camaro convertible. Most do the 3rd gen guide but I think this one is better. Fastener spacing is the same. It lowers the path of the belt over your shoulder even more than the 3rd gen guide. I'm 5'10" and the belt path is perfect. If...
  2. Reedogg

    Stock long block and BRF transmission for sale

    Offering these locally for someone to pick up. Factory long block from my 87 T. 125,000K. It blew a head gasket about 6 months ago and immediately removed from the car. #3 cylinder blew into lifter valley. No coolant in oil. I believe it's never been opened up except to replace the timing...
  3. Reedogg

    TA tall valve covers, or trade for my Champions.

    Looking for a set of tall TA valve covers (the old squared style, not the newer low profile version). I have a set of Champion Turbo 6 valve covers for a possible trade, pictured below. These are powder coated silver and clear coated, with breathers. Very good condition.
  4. Reedogg

    Seattle Area E85

    Are there any other places you guys know of that offer E85 from the pump? According to the gov locator there are only two around Seattle: Marysville and Snoqualmie.
  5. Reedogg

    Source for Fabricated Valve Covers

    I'm looking for a supplier of aluminum sheet welded valve covers. I know I've seen them before but perhaps they were custom made. Was hoping for something off the shelf.
  6. Reedogg

    Cometic MLS vs factory steel shim head gaskets

    Most agree that Cometic head gaskets seal the combustion chamber really well but they tend to leak coolant. Looking at the gasket I can see why. The Cometic literature says "embossment can not protrude outside of deck or head surface". This is not the case when used on an 8 bolt block. The oil...
  7. Reedogg

    Need coil boots for TR6

    I have a set of 10.4 mm Taylor Thundervolt wires that I'm using with the TR6 ignition. Since these wires were new I swapped the coil boots when I did the TR6 installation. The terminals are different from the stock coil. The coil boots I'm using are the 45° LS angled boots which aren't ideal...
  8. Reedogg

    Coil Pack/Ign Module, Heat Shield, Shocks, Springs, Injectors, Turbo, Boost-a-Pump

    If anyone here is interested, some parts I just listed on eBay. Selling old stuff to make room for new. **SOLD** Coil pack/Ignition module MAF hose...
  9. Reedogg

    3.5" downpipe with internal wastegate?

    Does anyone produce a 3.5" internal WG downpipe with clearance for A/C and aftermarket KB/ATR style headers? TA sells one but it will not clear headers. Thanks
  10. Reedogg

    Couldn't stay TB free for long!

    Hey everyone, After selling my 87 T in 2010 to start a business I was ready to get back to the cars I love. I bought another 87 Turbo-T in February. Wish I could get my old profile back but since I couldn't remember my login credentials and contacting the site multiple times yields no response...