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  1. krom

    Buy a new Mustang GT with 727 hp from a Dealership in Ohio for under $40K

    Most dealers anywhere in the country will do the same thing, In Phoenix it is $6900 installed on any 2011+ Mustang. Warranty available on used cars under 5000 miles for $1000. Full warranty on new cars. This dealer has done hundreds. Auto or manual transmission. Horsepower is only 675 on these...
  2. krom

    Turbo T Shocks Crowd at Gila Bend 1/2 Mile Race

    Actually it is a Limit 60 not a 49. The runs were logged which revealed lots of interesting data. The Powerlogger has been a valuable tool with this car. Reds chip really woke this car up. If the owner allows I will post some run data.
  3. krom

    Tucson/SIR Event Sat. Feb. 21

    He can reuse his Calpac.
  4. krom

    translator 5.2

    Thanks Bob, you were right. All fixed.
  5. krom

    translator 5.2

  6. krom

    translator 5.2

  7. krom

    translator 5.2

    New tt 80 lb E85 5.7,
  8. krom

    translator 5.2

    on on on off 85mm maf set to 7 0 still get 34 code of low maf, also changed to a borrowed 3.5 maf and changed settings to 0 0, still get 34. Put stock maf in no codes
  9. krom

    translator 5.2

    Confirmed that the translator settings were correct. According to the code 34 trouble shooting on Vortex you should see between 4-6 volts with a meter. Regular maf works fine, just wondering if anyone has had problems with the translator box dropping 1.4 volts before it gets to the Zo6 maf.
  10. krom

    translator 5.2

    I understand 12 volts for the maf. I was referring to the code 34 troubleshooting procedure which asks for 4-6 volts for proper maf signal.
  11. krom

    translator 5.2

    Working on a car that is getting a low maf "34". I disconnected the translator harness and put a regular maf in and car was fine. Confirmed that 5 volts was at the connector, voltage is only 3.6 through adapter harness at connector just before the ZO6 maf. Ohm'd the translator adapter harness...
  12. krom

    Tucson/SIR Event Sat. Feb. 21

    A Rosewood T car just showed up at my place.
  13. krom

    Tucson/SIR Event Sat. Feb. 21

    Did you log the runs?
  14. krom

    Going to my 1st Barret-Jackson

    Going Wednesday, 15 minutes from my house.
  15. krom

    Hate On Dodge All You Want, But The Hellcat Is Not Playing Around... (Dyno Numbers Inside)

    Slow out of the hole like the Buick unless you know how to drive. Wonder how long in time it took to get to 500 fi/lbs? When comparing them side by side at SEMA the Hellcat Charger was nicer. I would love to have either one.
  16. krom

    No Buick event in Phoenix this year?

    Not enough interest for an event, even if there were 20 to 30 cars that would show up, Wild Horse Pass would be packed with cars on a weekend day race and you might get 2 runs in. Tucson would be the logical choice if all the garage queens decided to race.
  17. krom

    ECM modifications for Low Impedance Injectors

    Bob, Nick has one ECM he will send later this week as he is in Vegas for the SEMA show now.
  18. krom


    I have a blue 3rd brake light, what is my trade value?
  19. krom

    275/60/15 Mickey T on a stock wheel?

    With aluminum drums I had some minor rubbing on the frame but they worked good at the track.
  20. krom

    1989 Turbo Trans AM VIN question