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  1. Reggie West

    Brown or tan wire with black stripe.

    Where does it go?
  2. Reggie West

    Classic FAST no start issue

    GN has a Classic FAST on it. Wideband 02 went out on it and replaced it. Put it back in and now the car will not start at all. The only way I can get it to start and run is by gas pedal at 50% or so and cranking it. Then it starts right up and will idle like its normal self. This is...
  3. Reggie West

    Oil line fitting sizes anyone know?

    Does anyone know what the fitting sizes are coming in and out of the oil pump to radiator? Thanks in advance.
  4. Reggie West

    Bailey ignition module, coil pack and wires.

    All new never used. $550 plus the ride.
  5. Reggie West

    Cal Hartline tuning session for So Cal

    Trying to see if there is any interest in having Cal come out this way and tune on some Buicks. No firm date set yet. Just testing the waters Thanks
  6. Reggie West

    Need to rebuild the AC compressor

    Anyone on the board rebuild the AC compressor for the Buick? Thanks
  7. Reggie West

    Wanted: Sheet metal intake for Stage 2 heads and dry sump oil sys

    Who has one they dont like?? Anybody? Thanks
  8. Reggie West

    SC&C front control arms HR rears for sale

    SC&C front upper control arms with tall ball joints all new in the box $600 HR Parts stock length upper and lower control arms. Non adjustable. $450. Make me a deal. Pics to follow this is not BS.
  9. Reggie West

    New never used factory long block for sale

    This is a new factory long block from GM. This motor has never been fired. Complete stock block with all the sensors, coil pack and spark plug wires. As you can see it's still banded on the pallet from GM. The price is $6500. If you don't like my price or don't think it's real, I don't...
  10. Reggie West

    Port and polished heads all new hardware

    $1450 plus the ride. New LS1 springs, retainers, guides. Manley stainless one piece valves. Or best offer.
  11. Reggie West

    16 inch wheel and 13 inch rotor??

    Can anyone tell me if it will work? I'm looking at the BAER set up with GTA wheels.
  12. Reggie West

    I need an alternator relocation bracket !!

    I am looking for an alternator relocation bracket. I do need a power steering delete bracket if anyone has that as well. Looking for a kit that does both if you have it. Thanks
  13. Reggie West

    Porting a stock throttle body and dog house

    Is anyone doing this still? I need to port both out using the stock throttle body and dog house. Or is Accufab my only option for a 70 mm throttle body? They do not make the slanted dog house anymore. Thanks
  14. Reggie West

    Old FAST connecting to USB adapter

    Can someone help me out with some instructions on how to get a Windows 8 laptop to work with a USB adapter? Thanks.
  15. Reggie West

    Danny Bee cam retention plate

    Does anyone have a good set of instructions on how to locate this plate correctly and not kill he oil galley in the process? Any help is appreciated. Thx.
  16. Reggie West

    Ported and polished iron heads with Harland Sharp rockers

    Set of iron heads ported and polished. Bee hive springs. Harland Sharp rocker arms in great shape. $1650 for all of it.
  17. Reggie West


    Call me.
  18. Reggie West

    Really good trans builder in SoCal

    Anyone looking for a transmission rebuild that wont require refinancing the house should talk to Steve Culhane in Lake Elsinore. He gave me a price of about $1000 to bring him a trans to rebuild. I am sure its more if it is in the car. Of course price depends on how fast you are trying to go...
  19. Reggie West

    So who's up for a cruise out to Temecula again?

    So I wanted to see if we could get all the So Cal Buicks together again. We could all meet at the dealership again. I was thinking of doing a cruise to a winery as well. I am pretty sure I can raffle off some prizes and stuff too. Please post if you are interested . I was thinking maybe the...