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  1. TType85

    Hooking up a wideband and fuel pressor sensor

    Getting ready to wire up a LC-2 wide band and a fuel pressure sensor (SSI 100psi from Bison). The car has the older powerlogger IO board that has ground and +5v. Just looking for a sanity check here and some extra guidance if you have done it before. On the LC-2 I am going to pull keyed power...
  2. TType85

    Trying to identify under dash connectors.

    This is from my 86 T-Type. I have been working on cleaning up the dash wiring and adding a few sensors. I came across these connectors accessible from the glove box. The car does not have twilight sentinel or digital climate control It *did* have a trunk release button but that is not...
  3. TType85

    FS: New JTR 2 Pulse Speed Sensor

    Selling a brand new JTR 2 pulse per rev speed sensor. This will provide the ECM with the correct signal. I went a different route. $100 shipped
  4. TType85

    Anyone try the Retro Manufacturing 1.5 Din radio?

    Came across this looking for a replacement stereo. Seems like it would fit well and fit my needs but the price is a bit high. Anyone running...
  5. TType85

    Replacing a AVC Mechanical Speedo

    My car has a AVC dash; eventually I want to change it out for the GNS one but for now I need to make it work. The mechanical speedo hasn't worked in a long time. The mileage clicks away and the computer sees the MPH so I know the cable was spinning ok. I ordered a VDO electric speedo to replace...
  6. TType85

    Front tire rub

    I just bought back my old T-Type and the previous owner put on the following: Ridetech Tru-Turn system Ridetech coil overs Ridetech muscle bar baer ss4 front brakes 4x GTA front wheels, front tires are 245's I think. It handles great and rides much better than I though it would. The problem I...
  7. TType85

    FS: Blazer Brake upgrade, limited grill, BGC Elbows/Downpipes

    Have most of the parts for a blazer brake upgrade for a G-Body. spindles and dust shields powder coated, all bolts, new hubs, lines etc all you need is rotors and calipers $200 Grill for 87 limited $150 2 BGC Exhaust elbows (one gen 1, one gen 2) with 3" downpipes (1 mild steel, 1...
  8. TType85

    Looking for 3" Cat (Gutted is fine)

    Looking for either a 3" cat to fit the stock cat-back flange and a TA 3" downpipe. I am fine with it being gutted, it's just there for looks :P
  9. TType85

    Anyone adapt EV6/EV14 injectors to a Turbo Buick?

    Has anyone used a set of EV14 based injectors in a turbo buick? I have a set of DeatschWerks 95# injectors that were going to go back in my mustang, but since I should be picking up my old buick soon they might be an upgrade from my old 55# injectors. I would like to go E85 on the car and I...
  10. TType85

    GMP diecast lot

    Going through my friends moms house I found more GMP diecasts. Selling the lot for $1200 21 Cars Total includes 2 of most see pictures 3 1985 T-Type 5 1986 Grand National 2 transports 4 race trailers Lithographs for a bunch of them All brand new in box. Local pickup in Garden Grove, CA
  11. TType85

    GN on the Hoonigan youtube channel

    Not sure if he is on the board here, but it's a clean 87 GN.
  12. TType85

    Selling a car to someone out of state

    Looking for opinions on the best way to handle selling a car to someone out of state. I have only sold locally before. They buyer is a long time board member. The car is located in California and I have a clear title in hand. Buyer is across the country and will have the car shipped. What is...
  13. TType85

    1986 T-Type - Light Chestnut Brown - So California

    Selling my car that I have had it since 2011, previous owner was my friend who owned it since the late 90's. We also knew the original owner well. The car is located in Garden Grove, CA. It currently needs a smog so I can get tags to drive it. I will be taking care of this soon so it can be...
  14. TType85

    Thinking about selling my TR

    Warning: Lots of text, maybe some rambling. I am on the fence about selling my Buick. It has pretty much became a garage queen which is no fun for me, and my desire to work in it has dwindled. I paid the registration but haven't smogged it yet because I haven't felt like doing the work. I am...
  15. TType85

    4th Gen F-Body seats?

    Does anyone know a place locally in socal to try and find a decent set of 4th gen f-body seats? Looking either black or tan, just need the seats not the tracks. Any suggestions on other seats that would fit the G-Body tracks that are better than the stock ones would be appreciated too.
  16. TType85

    Manual Drivers Side Seat Track (Bucket)

    Looking for a manual drivers side seat track for buckets in good condition. let me know what you have.
  17. TType85

    Upholstery shop in north orange county.

    Anyone know of a good upholstery shop in north oc? I need to have the rear package shelf re-covered. My god is it dirty after 30+ years....
  18. TType85

    This is bad. EPA going after tuner

    Please keep this non-political. This is a bad thing if the EPA wins. They are going after him for selling parts that *could* be used to bypass emissions.
  19. TType85

    Door Hinges & Body Bushings

    I need to replace the drivers side door hinges on my car but I also probably need to do the body bushings as the chassis has over 150K miles on it in it's 30 years. This sounds like a stupid questions but should I wait to replace the hinges till after I do the bushings? Also, what are the...
  20. TType85

    SOLD: Scanmaster 2.1

    Upgraded to Scanmaster G, selling my Scanmaster 2.1 SOLD. Paypal accepted.