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  1. Frederickdav

    Black Beauty Kicks Butt

    I just watched a YouTube video of some guys going to Mexico to drag race on the street. The GN named Black Beauty kicked butt! He beat a HellCat, a Vette, and a GT500. I don't know when this happened. Watching on TV doesn't give much information. I just know it was awesome!
  2. Frederickdav

    TPS Problem?

    Yesterday I started Old Blue up to go to a car show up the street. She started right up, as usual, then the check engine light came on and the idle went up. I pulled out of the garage and checked the scanmaster for a code. Sure enough, it showed a code 22. I looked it up and saw it was a tps...
  3. Frederickdav


    I finally got around to taking my new to me CZ-82 to the range. It's been laying in the safe for about 2 months! Well, that firearm is SWEET! It shoots 9x18 Makarov and other than a couple of ftf , it worked like new. In fact, this is the newest milsurp I own! It's one of those handguns that...
  4. Frederickdav

    Lack of Fish

    Is it just me or is there a severe lack of fish this summer? When I first bought my T, it wasn't too hard to catch a stang or two. Even a Camaro or piece of Jap junk would come out to get their share of embarrassment. Now it seems nobody wants to play. Woe is me! What's this world coming to?
  5. Frederickdav

    Want to see stupid?

    Check out GR Auto Gallery. This is the same place I bought my T from a few years ago. When I bought mine, it was listed as a WE-4. I told them it wasn't a WE-4 and bought it anyway. Well, now they have a light blue 1987 T that is listed as a WE-4! What's with this place? Why do they insist on...
  6. Frederickdav

    Very Special Day

    May I be the first to wish everyone a very special Ground Hogs Day! Most people don't take Ground Hogs Day very seriously. I, for one, think it's one of the top holidays of the year. This day(Feb.2) has been observed for over one hundred years! Ground hogs, aka. wood chucks, have been one of the...
  7. Frederickdav

    Fuel Treatment

    Has anyone ever tried K100 fuel treatment? I've been a fan of Stabil for a long time. But, last spring I filled the gas tank of my snowblower with gas and added the correct amount of Stabil. Then I ran the engine to get the stuff all through the system. Come this winter and the machine wouldn't...
  8. Frederickdav

    Old Movie

    As I type this an old movie came on the television. It's name? Soylent Green! I remember watching this at the drive-in. Guess I'm getting old. The funny thing is the year that this was supposed to have happened,2022!
  9. Frederickdav

    New Years

    Well, another year has about bit the dust. Just a few more days of 2018 lust. Come Monday night a bunch of y'all will drink till you vomit. If y'all are gonna do that be careful not to hit the cat. How many of you will be going out Monday night and getting all messed up? Personally, I quit...
  10. Frederickdav

    How many magazines are enough?

    I bought a used Walther CCP yesterday. Nice firearm! I was wondering one thing about it, why would anybody need/want seven magazines? I know new ones come with 2 but, the previous owner of this one bought five more! I checked the Walther website and these mags list for $42 each!
  11. Frederickdav

    Great Couple of Days

    Yesterday I attended a "Blessing of the Cars" event. It's associated with the 28th Street Metro Cruise. Well, my name was drawn and I(and my T) won a trophy! Granted, it had nothing to do with judging the car but it's still my first and it's cool! Then today while driving 28th Street, a guy in a...
  12. Frederickdav

    Killed a Suburban

    I didn't wanna do it! Yesterday I was driving down a nice quiet residential street. Pulled up to a four way stop in the right lane. Next to me pulls up a jacket up big old Suburban. This thing had all kinds of bling and , to me, looked hideous. Well it was our turn to go and he and I started to...
  13. Frederickdav

    Happy 4Th

  14. Frederickdav

    Remington 870 T-14

    Today I picked up a new home defense weapon. The Remington 870 T-14 is one awesome weapon. It has a special BATFE designation as "Other". The barrel is only 14 inches long but overall length is 26.5. Can't wait until the arthritis in my hands settles down so I can go shoot it!
  15. Frederickdav


    Thanks to the Powers that Be for all the work you have done on this site! I must admit I was a little concerned for a few days but, now that it's back, all is right with the world. Thank you!
  16. Frederickdav

    cool movie

    Watching "Hunter" starring Steve Mcqueen. Made in 1980. Steve is a bounty hunter with a very pregnant girlfriend. Lots of violence, lots of cool old cars!
  17. Frederickdav

    Seat Back Latch

    This is something that's kind of irritated me for a while. I tried a search on the topic but got nowhere. When I want to tip the back of either of my bucket seats forward, I don't need to use the lever. They just tip with no resistance. Is this something I should be worried about as in a safety...
  18. Frederickdav

    Winter is coming

    Winter is coming or in some areas, already here. Just wondering what others are planning to do to or for their Gn's or T's ? I've been planning on finishing changing door/ window weather strips for a couple years. Might get to it this year or next. Plus, I've got one of those chimes that start...
  19. Frederickdav

    28th Street Metro Cruise

    Anybody going to be in South West Michigan this Friday and Saturday.Aug.25&26. Be sure to swing by the Grand Rapids area for the 13th annual 28th Street Metro Cruise. Lots of old cars and people.
  20. Frederickdav


    Anybody else into flying drones? It's an interesting hobby for people who like things that go fast. Mine is a DJI Phantom 3 Standard. This is my second one because the first one caught a high wind and was gone. As far as I know it didn't hurt anybody/anything. My ID is on it and no one has tried...