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  1. Frederickdav

    New, current updated Michigan thread.

    I participated in a small cruise Friday evening in Byron Center area. We drove through a couple nursing home parking lots with the old folks sitting outside with signs thanking us. Even though the last half of us got lost, it was still a good time.
  2. Frederickdav

    Home insurance sucks

    When I was a kid I got attacked by 2 of those little Mexican dogs ( can't spell the name). That was the only time in my 68+ years that I've ever been bit by a dog! Sometime or other I have been around a lot of the dogs on that list. The breed isn't the problem it's the owner!
  3. Frederickdav

    Thought some of you might find this interesting

    They want to blame "global warming" on cars?
  4. Frederickdav

    Blue Angels over Houston May 6th

    They called off the West Michigan flyover because of rain.
  5. Frederickdav

    FINALLY Got The GN Out.........

    I finally took my "T" out today! I called my insurance agent and told them to turn on the insurance. Then I said Gretchin this burn out is for you!
  6. Frederickdav

    bla bla

    I haven't even put the regular insurance on mine yet. If Witmer has her way the "T" will be garaged for the rest of 2020.
  7. Frederickdav

    State Of Emergency Never Ending?

    You don't realize this is Michigan! We have Detroit and then the rest of the state. Whatever Detroit says, we get stuck with!
  8. Frederickdav

    FINALLY Got The GN Out.........

    I guess the best comment I've ever heard about my "T" was at a car show a few years ago. One of "those guys" came by and said, " that is one awesome monte". By "those guys" I mean the know it all type.
  9. Frederickdav

    A bit of "virus humor"...

    You people are all SICK!!!!!!!!!
  10. Frederickdav

    He is Risen!

    HE is Risen indeed!
  11. Frederickdav

    Stay at home family protection

    Or if clinton was involved "suicide"
  12. Frederickdav

    Stay at home family protection

    This is the type of stupid we have making laws about something they know nothing about!
  13. Frederickdav

    Going Crazy....NEW video live on the channel.

    At least you can get out. Michigan governor just extended our "stay at home" order until April 30! The only reason we can leave is to go to the store or pharmacy unless you are an essential worker. I got my T out the other day. Yep, I drove it all of 30 feet up and down my driveway!
  14. Frederickdav

    Black Beauty Kicks Butt

    I just watched a YouTube video of some guys going to Mexico to drag race on the street. The GN named Black Beauty kicked butt! He beat a HellCat, a Vette, and a GT500. I don't know when this happened. Watching on TV doesn't give much information. I just know it was awesome!
  15. Frederickdav

    two girls quaratine

    Ever hear of Charlie Pride?
  16. Frederickdav

    Let's all just lose our minds........

    Ray that sounds like the best idea yet!
  17. Frederickdav

    need 5 things from the grocery

  18. Frederickdav

    Let's all just lose our minds........

    Very nice milk containers!
  19. Frederickdav

    Let's all just lose our minds........

    There's a rumor going around here that our TP is made in China. That's why there is a shortage the Chinese are not producing. It couldn't be that people are buying all they can get there hands on.
  20. Frederickdav

    read this on you tube

    I wonder if they kept them stock or added some fun to 'em?