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  1. boostingbuick

    Pricey Virgin Block

    Just going to leave this here
  2. boostingbuick

    Background LC1 on Discovery

    Watching the show " Trans am " on the Discovery channel, S1 Ep4, talking with one of the owners about the Vista Cruiser in an office. In the background was an intercooled engine on an engine stand. It looks like a cut away. Cool to still see it on TV today.
  3. boostingbuick

    Tail light bezel.

    I need a chrome Drivers side tail light bezel. I am restoring my T and need a real nice bezel.
  4. boostingbuick

    Stage 2 headed camshaft.

    Looking for a cam for a stage 2 headed stage engine.
  5. boostingbuick

    Any idea what converter this is?

    It has the d5 stampings on it, but other than this list of numbers I have no idea. Came with the car and was hoping to find out what I can about it.
  6. boostingbuick

    TE-60 turbo

    Fresh rebuild, never installed since it was sent back. It has a .63 exhaust housing on it. Limit engineering did the work. $600 plus the ride.
  7. boostingbuick

    Lower sheet metal air dams.

    I had the patterns for about 10 years now, and today I got a day where I can make them. From the side I didn't like how the middle of the car was lower than the air dams. So I made mine lower to have the same line as the rocker, frame rail. I will have them powder coated after I have them fitted.
  8. boostingbuick

    My 84 GN.

    My 84 that I purchased with no engine, and needed more than paint and a little tlc. So what I did was build it the way I wanted since the original engine was long gone.
  9. boostingbuick

    Looking for a hotair block.

    I would like to find a hotair block, just a block or a short block. I don't need a running engine, but I don't want a rusty one. I would rather have one fairly local that I can pick it up.
  10. boostingbuick

    Kenny Bell Number 1 intake. Pictures.

    So I got this from a buddy that found it at his uncles place after he passed away. I gave very little for it. So I am wondering if its just cool to own, or is it a good intake. Are they worth anything before I do anything with it like convert it to a Fuel injection? Any info would be great. Thanks.
  11. boostingbuick

    Why do people think they have gold and no idea what they have?

    Local to me. Can't believe that people think this is worth it!!!!!
  12. boostingbuick

    Ricer cube with big power.

    I had too.
  13. boostingbuick

    Willow springs black and gray T.

    I just wanted to say thank you for giving me a ride back to the house after my oil line gave out on my test drive. Got it home just fine on the trailer. First time I had to do that with this one. It was very nice to meet you and you truly are part of the TR family. BTW, nice looking T. I hope to...
  14. boostingbuick

    My 18 inch GN wheels with the car lowered.

    Got some time to install my lowering springs in the rear. With a 28 inch Drag radial I had to lower the back. The cat is sitting level now. I installed a set if moog 5401 springs. Since I did not have the stock springs in it and replaced them a couple of years ago with moog springs, I am unable...
  15. boostingbuick

    Limit travel lifters.

    So I have the limit travel lifters and had a hard time setting them up. I spoke with weber and was told 1/8 turn from 0 preload. But he had never set up a set. Others have told me to bottom them out and back off 1/16 of a turn. If you have a set how are they set up?
  16. boostingbuick

    Twisted turbo.

    It now runs, but will need to tidy it up a little and hook up things like the A/c. Some of the things like the red wires are there to make sure it works before its tuck away.
  17. boostingbuick

    18's and backspacing.

    Looking to purchase some 18's and looking for the proper backspacing. Front will be 18 x 8 and rears are 18 x 9.5. I am thinking that it should be 4.5 on front and 4.75 on rear.
  18. boostingbuick

    Tail lights.

    These are the tail lights that were on my car. Near perfect, but not. The drivers side has a few surface scratches that will buff out, and same on the pass side. There is a scrap on the pass side, I filled it in with wax for the photo. There is no other issues with the lenses or trim. $150...
  19. boostingbuick


    Sold my old atr headers and wanted to make my own. I have mounted the turbo to be forward/backwards. I will try to get a pic when the new engine is installed.
  20. boostingbuick

    Forged Crank 3.400

    I have a brand new Forged crank with a 3.400 narrow journal crank purchased from DLS a few years back. Only removed from shipping bag for photos. $600.00 plus shipping