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  1. Clark6

    Heavy duty shifter Cable from Mikes Montes install ; works perfect.

    Hello Fellow Buick owners. I just wanted to post a detailed shifter cable install since the final one I installed from High Way Stars broke after a year of use for me..That one fit perfect by the way.. I had it in a bag in the house in a top drawer still in the bag & installed it year ago...
  2. Clark6

    when to change alky filter in PAC?

    Had the system for years now pumps been replaced once.... In park , idle, test button pump goes from Red to Green pretty good.. Driving test button only goes to red.. in boost it works intermittent. Park idle test button, repeat goes to from red to green... So I've had this...
  3. Clark6

    Cruise 2018

    Any body ever see this movie that came out in Sept. about a guy Living in the 80's racing his stock GN for money? here's the trailer.
  4. Clark6

    Dave Husek.

    Once again Dave at Turbobuick performance went above & beyond & Sold me some seals & switches for my transmission & shipped them to me FAST! Very Knowledgeable & top notch guy.. Helped me out with some pointers also.... If my trans doesn't work out I know where I'm buying my next trans...
  5. Clark6

    Cam shaft position sensor New In Box

    Cam shaft position sensor New still in box the complete Sensor. Same one from Autozone for $280+ With the GM part # on the shaft. Free shipping . priority mail.... Paypal only. $180 will ship soon as payment clears. Let me know.
  6. Clark6


    Well my question is the lifters still in the car,,, If i can't get it primed up just remove it??? I've never done it before. They are hard as a rock on the upstroke... but when i rotated the engine on the bottomed out side of #4 exhaust the lifter is spungy like. rotate the engine its...
  7. Clark6

    Any One on here ever played Racing Rivals?

    Its a very addictive drag racing game, I saw one guy from the buick board play once. But its a great game.... AS of today out of all the cars they have for drag racing they just now finally getting a Buick GNX in the mix. lol. I know I know Im too old...
  8. Clark6

    Ptc 9.5" non lock rpms at cruise

    Hi guys Bison basically had it all covered. I haven't done performance or temperature test yet. I gotta buy a temp sensor to feed my auto meter temp gauge. Just a quick note though on my 17 blade non lock my cruise speed at 55 mph is 1800 or so rpms on flat road. But how long does roads...
  9. Clark6

    converter lock up problem

    Hi guys, having a problem. Cruising the converter doestn't lock up all the time. Just started doing it. However if i get on it (floor it) once it settles back down it will lock up.... sometimes. Any suggestions on how I can keep it locked up like it suppose too? I can jump A&F... still no go...
  10. Clark6

    $50 Rebate on M/T tires

    If you're thinking about buying Mickeys any time soon they have a $50 rebate in the form of a pre-paid master card if you buy them within the time frame.
  11. Clark6

    A 2011 Gt and I had a little fun yesterday

    I was coming from seeing my brother with my other brother in the car with me. After we left my brother's house who stays out of town theres one town inbetween that we came back through as we were coming home at a stop sign; the GT rode by revved up the engine, (sounded great). We pulled out as...
  12. Clark6

    1/4 mile odometer reading help?

    The 1/8th mile is 660 feet The 1/4 mile is 1320 feet What is the odometer reading on an automobile for the 1/8th mile & 1/4 mile? Thanks in advance.:)
  13. Clark6

    Inlet air temperature sensor stuck on 71*

    My brother's car ATS sensor is stuck on 71* any particular check or reason this would do this? Even unplugged. He has the stock computer with a MaftPro and when the air temp is warm outside or in the day time and he floors it once past 3/4 throttle it coughs and dies down then picks back up...
  14. Clark6

    Interesting Read on Stoich Points of Race Gas

    Makes you wonder if the reason of some engine blow ups due to certain race fuels. You may have already read this or already posted this on the forums,,, If so administrator just delete the thread. I lifted a head 3 yrs ago using 113 oct and alky on max at 24 psi with Alky & 60 injectors...
  15. Clark6

    Oil on plug threads

    Trying to clean up a surging issue up in higher boost , I decided to gap my plugs closer to .28 from the previous .34 to see if it would help. While changing ea. & everyone one of my plugs had oil all around the threads?? none up top on the tip of the plug or the insulator, just the threads...
  16. Clark6

    Save your Turbo's

    I'm sure you guy's may know all of this or the majority anyway's. However, if I had found this out earlier it most likely would have helped me. I thought I was doing everything right and safe (oil filter, new tubes, taking it easy, changing engine oil frequently etc.) but I can see a time or...
  17. Clark6

    Rev limit on valve springs?

    How high can you safely and continuously rev 135lb. beehive valve springs on GN-1 Heads with a 212 cam? I'm seeing 5700-5900 on the top end in 3rd and was wondering if this is safe or not? Also wondering what what is the rev limit sat on with a TT chip? (Rocker ratio and everything else is in...
  18. Clark6

    rear axle

    Guys come someone give me some quick guidance . I'm trying to change out the axle bearings, there is this s shaped spring in the way and I have no idea how to remove it so that I can get to the C-clips. Picure of it is here: How do I remove this thing so I can get to the c...
  19. Clark6

    Simple Stall question, hopefully simple answer.

    Ok here's the ingredients. 62/65 turbo 212-212 cam, (.504 valve lift, 264 duration, 110*,.325 lobe lift, power from 1200-5800, shift around 5200-5500) 249 ci" 3650 lb car 28" tire 3.42 gears Getting the converter restalled. (9/11) 3000 pulls fine but at take off @ 19psi of boost or less...
  20. Clark6

    Rotor break

    Ok question. I have a great tranny, Love it but I have a question on whether I'm doing something wrong or not. regular driving I don't break the rotor, even at the track I have not broke a rotor. But this is my 3rd rotor break, the last one only had a hairline crack but was still...