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    thinking about a TR6 - coil options?

    Hello, I am thinking about getting the TR6 ignition since either my stock module or coil or both are beginning to fail. I see most people use the D599A coil, how does the output of this coil compare to the stock turbo Buick coil? I am sure individual coils are the most powerful option but I...
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    WTB: GN quarter windows

    hello, I am looking to buy a set (left & right) of the 2 quarter windows that are in good condition off a Grand National. I would rather buy new but I do not believe reproductions for the GN quarter windows are available. The GN windows have black trim instead of chrome trim found on other...
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    power 6 logo license plate

    Hello, I've seen a lot of member's cars with the "power 6" logo front license plate and was wondering where I could buy one? I've seen them on ebay on amazon, it appears to be a acrylic overlay of some sort glued onto the plate. Not sure if that is the legit one or if it should be stamped or...
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    door hinge rebuild kit

    hello, What is the best door hinge rebuild kit? I know you can get the Dorman and HELP! kits but they quality isn't that great. Any kits ya'll recommend? Thanks.
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    ported throttle body with 70mm plenum

    Hello, Understand none of this is necessary at my power level but just wondering if it would work. I have a Steve Monroe ported and polished throttle body and need a new plenum (stock one is missing). I see that Precision turbo makes both a 65mm and 70mm plenum for the same price. Can i use the...
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    front license plate mount

    Hello, Is there a way to get my license plate to mount FLAT on the front bumper? I realize there is an optional bottom mount bracket, but the problem is the screw holes on the top still doesn't allow the plate to mount flat against the bumper since its curved. What have you guys been doing to...
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    Magnaflow 16884 catback exhaust system

    I've always had good luck with Magnaflow catback exhaust systems and a bit surprised that not many people have the Magnaflow 16884 on their Buicks. Looking for opinions, pictures, and sound of this kit, thank you.
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    lowering springs for drag racing

    Hello, I was wondering if there was a lowering spring that would lower the car 1.5-2" but not severely impact its drag racing abilities? I understand it is not ideal to lower the car if good 60' and 1/4 mile times are what you're after but I am looking for a compromise. I was thinking Eibach...