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    Wtb lower intake plenum

    Anyone local have a 86-87 lower intake plenum for sale? Located on oahu. Thanks.
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    Fs Precision SLIC Oahu only.
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    Pte turbo saver line routing

    I am in the process of installing a pte turbo saver but I am having a problem with the line in the middle of the front cover adaptor having a slight bend in it after everything is all tightened up. If I route the lines under the swaybar the kink is worse. Any advice will be helpful Thanks
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    ta performance timing chain help

    Im in the process of installing a Ta performance stock style timing chain. So far I put on the new chain dot to dot and now the front cover is on. The problem is when I try to find tdc (watching #1 intake valve go down) the mark on the crankshaft pulley doesnt align with the plastic tab on the...
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    WTB 87 regal trunk

    Looking for a 84-87 regal trunk. Rust free if possible. Thanks in advance.
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    Headlights dim

    After a couple of months of not driving her I noticed that last night my headlights were really dim and the highbeams have a little glow in the light during lowbeam, but highbeams work normally when switched. I just replaced the battery and I am currently running sylvania silverstar lights...
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    shopping list

    The buick just hit 110k and i figured it would be about time to change the timing chain and some other things while Im at it. what i got so far is comp valve springs 980-12 comp timing chain 3129 factory replacement front cover water pump i figure i keep the cam stock and ill just spend...
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    open to posi

    any local shop recommendations to convert my open diff to posi? orrrr does anyone have a stock posi for sale???? Thanks
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    rons hot rod show

    Anybody going to that rons hot rod show out in hawaii kai tonight?
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    rg-45 external wastegate and downpipe

    Does anybody have any experience with the rg-45 external wastegate and downpipe? My friend has one and is selling it so i was wondering if it is a good downpipe.
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    vacuum brake conversion parts

    Does anyone have parts for the powermaster to vacuum brake conversion? My powermaster is about to crap out and i dont feel safe driving it anymore. Thanks
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    exhaust system

    hey guys need some help with this, so i was looking into getting a down pipe and exhaust for my car but the for shipping one of the bolt on exhaust systems from cottons cost more than the actual downpipe. I was just thinking weither i should go down to an exhaust shop (if so what is a good...
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    looking for 86 87 engine and trans

    Does anyone have a 86 87 buick engine and trans for sale lmk
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    airbag installation

    i have a stock exhaust system and i was wondering were i would route the airbags hoses and where would i mount the heat shields? also how much psi should i put in each bag? The car is stock. any suggestions would be appriecated :biggrin:
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    car stumbles when started

    i start the car and then i let it sit for a minutes or so then i shift into reverse and it seems to stumble alot more ever since i installed a ram air intake. one time it even died then i started it again and it was good. Im just wondering is this a common problem cause the computer is still...
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    where do you take your buick

    just wondering where did you guys take your buick or do you do it yourself im trying to look for a good place to do a engine rebuild.