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    Whats this 87 worth?

    I've got this 87 that I'm not driven in years it's got 55,000 and the clock and the interior is in really good shape I've got a handful of spare parts mainly trim pieces in Basil's along with a under hood liner New Old Stock from GM a trunk kit never installed another Hood a core transmission...
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    gn core price?

    Old timer here, just cleaning up selling some old junk and came across a old Trans from a 87 gn that I removed years ago when it started slipping. What do cores sell for now and where's a good place to get rid of it. I don't want to ship it if I can help it. Roanoke VA here.
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    NSFW GN "art car"

    Girls, cars and body parts: Richard Prince's shallow American dream | Art and design | I dont know if anybodys posted this yet but im speachless, the artical kinda pissed me off to. theres some nudity so its NSFW or kids.
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    looking for a shop near roanoke va

    im hoping you guys could help me out, my gn has been setting for a while and i need a good shop to check it over and tune it up. its got a top end miss that i was chaceing sence before i parked it that i need looked at.
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    paint job cost

    im finally putting the gn back on the road, ive got it running pretty good now and most of the cob webs are cleaned out of it. the paint is SHOT though, the car has 54k miles with a mint interier but the origional paint has not faired as well. its covered with the orange peel / crows foot...
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    vacume issues

    ive got a whale of a problem on my hands, every vacume line under my hood is dry rotted and the car runs like crap (been setting for a long time) where can i find some vacume diagrams and can you still get those thin vacume lines and other odd balls that are under the hood?
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    its been a while

    its been a while sence ive stoped in. life is alot better than it used to be when i left this site, its been about a year sence my breakup with my fiance and its been about the same amount of time sence ive really posted alot on here. i went through a hard time with drinking, i dont really...
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    nearly shot tonight

    ok ok i know it was a bad idea but i have this friend, were like brothers and even have keys to each others houses. were always walking in on each other while the other is sleeping or using the bathroom ect... its alittle game at have of scareing each other when the other least expects it. this...
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    gone to the other side

    stil got the gn but i picked up a new toy.
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    442 drifting ;)
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    garand vs propane

    more propane tanks :D "vietnam garand" warning slight...
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    my garands

    its been a while sence ive posted here, to make it short my engaugement ended when i found a email from one of her co workers while she was in europe. eather way, i had been saving what i could and given the rest to her so she could get by making me pretty much busted and broke. well not any...
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    my "little friends"

    sorry about the number of pics but its been a while sence ive posted here so i decided to stop by and share my new hobby. im getting married in 3 months and im giving the gn to my dad so before that happines and i wont be able to afford jack im buying up all the little goodies that ive been...
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    new 442

    i just picked this up for 1000 bucks, its fully loaded and no rust. along with the car he also gave me its 10 disk cd changer, a new hood, 6 or 7 spair sets of oem floor mats, two trunk mats, custom t top covers, and a new tranny. im dieing to get all of his OEM 442 parts...
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    column bearing

    i just replaced the igntion lock cylinder today on my new 87 442 and while i was reassembleing it i could not get the lock plate to compress fully. (ive got the tool to remove it and im assuming that its the same tool to reinstal the plate???) its got about 1/4 of a inch to go lower until i...
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    lock cylinder

    i baught another 442 today for my girlfriend, this one is a 87 442 with t tops, hurst olds wing, power everything, a 10 disk cd changer, spair hood, spair tranny with tq converter, and fully documented all for 1000. i work with the man that i baught it from and he worked at the olds...
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    go kart

    im buying a old "red fox" go cart for 125 bucks and i need some information on them. is there any good go cart forums out there? are any of you familure with the fox 2 seater go cart? id like to know some more about it before i cut it up.
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    exhaust sudgestions

    im looking for a new exhaust for my grand national. i hit a series of items in the road over a weeks time that ripped my old hooker dual stright pipes. ive got a 3.5 inch thdp and i need sudgestions of what exhaust would be best for this car and the price. thanks.:)
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    benchmade AFCK 806d2

    i finally broke down and invested in a new work knife, a benchmade axis lock advanced folding combat knife, 806d2. right now im going for a set of carbon fiber scales for it but i cant decide what set i want. what one of the two do...
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    front mount pipes

    does any one know where i can get new intercooler pipes for a percision front mount intercooler bent for a te44? i dented my old ones up pretty badly the other day while pulling in to a gas station so i need a spair set that i can throw on from time to time for shows and such.