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    Turbo buick fuel injectors

    Hello, I just bought a 2003 Buick GS for my daily driver. Question is.... Will my 42.5 turbo buick fuel injectors work on my GS if I ever need them? What is the most bang for buck mod I can do to the GS? Thanks.
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    Small block 200r4

    Hello, My brother just bought a 66 chevy impala conv with a 327 4 barrel carb and a powerglide with 308 rear gears. He wants to change the rear gears to 373 and put a 200r4 tranny in it. Question is.. what will he need to replace the powerglide with the 200r4? He is also going to install an...
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    radiator cover bolt size

    Hello, I just ordered a new ss radiator cover from G-BODY parts and would like to get some ss bolts. Question is.. What size do I need? Anyone else have this cover and how easy or hard was the installation? Thanks:cool:
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    replacing fuel tank

    hello. I have a 87turbo regal that i need to replace thefuel sending unit and pump. tHE FUEL PUMP ONLY HAS ABOUT5000miles but I guess it should be donewhile its apairt,The fuel tank also has a aot of rustso i think that should replaced also.I am going to trydo do this work my self because i have...
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    Coil pack?

    Hello, I just put new tires on my 87-t including nitto 275-60-15 drag radials and went to take the car for a ride and it started missing and poping through the intake. I almost didnt make it home. My fuel pressure stayed at 38-40 at idle and I tapped on the mass air with no change in idle. My...
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    Nitto drag radials

    Hello, I am looking at buying a new set of 275-60-15 nitto drag radials for my 87-T. Question is.. what is a good price and will they fit safely on stock t-type 7in rims? Thanks.:cool:
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    Cecil county rainout?

    Hello, I am planing on going to cecil county raceway either fri or sat and was wondering if it will be held rain or shine?
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    Maple Grove

    Anybody go to maple grove today? All I can say is wow! The army car driven by Tony Schumacher ran a 4.44 quarter at 323 mph! My buddy said he saw a white Turbo Buick this morning with west virginia tags, anyone on this board?
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    Maple Grove

    Anybody going to maple grove this weekend? I am going sunday with a couple friends. I hope the weather is nice!
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    Part number

    Hello, Today when i went to open the door ( from the inside of the car , drivers side ) the handle broke off. Question is.. Does GM still sell them? Anyone know the part# ? Thanks.
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    Ready for track???

    Hello, I would like to take my 87-T to the track just to see what it will run. I have never run it before and thought i would buy a few things such as a 114-116 chip from eric at turbotweak. Also a Denso O2 sensor from Kirbans. I also bought a RJC powerplate. I know i could use a good set of...
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    Ashtray assembly

    Any other cars that have the same ashtray parts as a 87-t with the 60-40 benchseat and column shift? Thanks.
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    suspension upgrades

    Hello, I need to upgrade my springs and would like to get some upper and lower control arms for my 87-T. Question is.. who has the best prices and quality? I was thinking about lowering the car about 1 inch but I have a 23 row strech innercooler and do not want to chance hitting something in the...
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    Best bang for buck

    Hello, I am thinking about getting a cam and a set of ported iron heads put on my 87-t. Question is.. How much as for cost and peformance? My mods are listed in sig below. :cool:
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    88 Turbo coupe

    Hello, I have a 88 thunderbird turbo coupe 5 speed as a work car and I think the turbo may be going bad. Question is.. will a stock turbo buick turbo fit or is it too big? The car is mostly stock, execpt for a gillis boost valve.
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    Next mod???

    Hello, I want to do some more mods to my 87 turbo-t but am not sure what next improvement will benefit the car the most. I was thinking about a set of ported iron heads and a cam. My current mods are listed in my sig. Question is.. will this make a big improvement in power? The car is mostly...
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    magnacore 10mm wire separators

    Hello, I am looking for a vender that sells wire looms or separators for 10mm ignition wires. I checked summit with no luck. Thanks
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    100000 miles 12 sec turbo-t

    Hello, My turbo-t has 100000 miles, oil changed every 3000 miles with mobil 1. A buddy who is old school chevy said I would be taking a chance trying to run 12s with a motor with that many miles. Anyone here with 100000 plus running 12s or better? My sig shows mods. I am taking car to bill...
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    What chip?

    Hello, Just ordered 42 pound 009 injectors and need to get a chip that i will run on the street with 93-94 octane gas. Who has the best chip for the street? Thanks
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    Need chip and injectors?

    Hello, I have a turbo-t with about 100 thousand miles that sits in the garage most of the time because it seems slow. I have done some work to it but I would like to get a cam,new injectors and chip. Can anyone suggest the best combo for this car? My sig shows other mods that have been done...