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  1. rbarragan

    Billet Vacuum block w/ port for vacuum brakes

    Looking for a billet vacuum block for vacuum brakes. Let me know if you have one to spare.
  2. rbarragan

    TR6 Ignition

    Purchased a TR6 module form a board member. They had the module remote mounted and the harness was cut but I soldered the connections back together and was left with 3 wires. I know the orange and gray are to set up the 2 step, but I also have a black wire left. Is this for grounding...
  3. rbarragan

    Vacuum Brake Question

    I have completed a vacuum brake conversion on my 87 T. I am now experiencing a soft pedal when and the pedal stays on the floor for a bit. 1. I tied in the to the PVC vacuum line. 2. I have tried to bleed brakes 3 times and have seen no air and no change in pedal feel. 3. The master...
  4. rbarragan

    Door Panel Escutcheon Set

    Looking for a escutcheon set for both driver and passenger. Driver quality just no peeling chrome.
  5. rbarragan

    Checking Injectors

    Hello all, Purchased some injectors from the board. Wanted to get them checked out and make sure they are functioning properly. I had read old post that mentioned someone on the board does it. By any chance anyone able to point me in the direction of who? Thanks
  6. rbarragan

    Scanmaster G and GNS 4 gauge POD

    Hello all looking for a Scanmaster G and a 4 gauge GNS pod that sits under the radio. Thanks
  7. rbarragan

    Buick Parts

    Hello all, I have some used Buick parts for sale: 2 GN buckles: $80 ea Harmonic Balancer $100 Water pump pulley (Stock) - $30 Oil cooler lines (Used) - $50 Crossover pipe (Used)- $80 Power steering pump with line (used) $150 Ignition module (Used) taken from a running car- $100...
  8. rbarragan

    Buick Parts GALORE!!

    Hey Guys I just saw the most Turbo Buick parts I’ve ever seen in one place. I went to Bruce’s (WE4)’s house and I mean there is a little bit of everything. I couldn’t believe it. If you need anything text him he may have what your looking for. He is a stand up guy and you can count on if...
  9. rbarragan

    WTB TR6 Lid

    Looking for a TR6 lid for the module. Bought one that is missing the lid. Thanks
  10. rbarragan

    TR6 and Accufab Fuel Pressure regulator

    Hello all, I am looking to see if anyone has a extra TR6 ignition module or a accufab fuel pressure regulator they would like to get rid of.
  11. rbarragan

    Applied Technologies Intake

    Hey guy wanted to see if anyone had a applied technologies intake. I really just need the filter housing. I had one on my GN. I included a pic. Please let me know. Thanks
  12. rbarragan

    1986 T-Type question

    Hello guys, I am not new to Turbo Buick’s as I have a couple but I have never purchased one that hasn’t run for a while. I stumbled across a ad for a V6 engine in the process of asking questions to figure out if it was a 109 block, he said “why you have a T-type?” I said I did and we began...
  13. rbarragan

    Holley HP System, Cruz Wiring Harness and Smog

    I was able to go to the GS Nationals this year and saw a lot of new cool new products. One of the big things I saw was that Cruz performance is now offering complete plug and play wiring hardness to work with the Holley HP of Dominator system. Now for the question, I live in California and...
  14. rbarragan

    Delay Relay Question

    Hello all I have the crappy original delay relay and it just stays running no matter what untill I unlpug the relay. But people say you can leave it unpluged and all will be ok. Well I took her for a drive the other day with the relay unplugged and I overheated. How do you guys leave this...
  15. rbarragan

    Fan Relay Question

    Hi guys like all turbo Buick owners have had at some point my fan relay does not work. It just stays on. My question is, are there any other GM model that used the same relay? I live close to many junk yards and the only one I can find is Kirban sells one for 90 bucks!! Just wondering if I can...
  16. rbarragan

    Reaplced sending unit. Gauge still doesnt work.

    I replaced the sending unit in my 87 T . I can now see when the tank is empty but I went and filled it with 10 gallons of gas and it and its only right above quarter tank. Can it be my gauge? I'm pretty frustrated.
  17. rbarragan

    What are these?

    I guys I bought a 1987 turbo T and don't know what these are I found them in the trunk.
  18. rbarragan

    Where can I buy this column lock?

    Hi guys just looking at a few pics and came across this column lock and really want to buy one. Anyone know where I can buy one of these.
  19. rbarragan

    Weld S74

    Has anyone put these rims on their car? They are reasonably priced and look amazing.
  20. rbarragan

    New Engine

    Hello all. I have recently reinstalled my 3.8 back in my T. I removed it due to a blown head gasket and leaking rear main. I installed the engine and got it started but the idle will not come down. I have tried setting my TPS with my snap on modis and the voltage jumps between 0.00 and 4.36...