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    Fuel pressure sensor with fast sportsman

    Just wondering where everyone is getting there power for the fps, also if you had to change the voltage offset for it
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    Gauges, suspension, exhaust, power logger, etc etc

    So I have some random stuff for sale. Make me an offer, we can work out a deal. Ecu with powerlogger Scanmaster TT chips (I have 2 or 3) 60# injectors Eibach springs (less than 6000 miles) Bilstein shocks (less than 6000 miles) Spohn upper controll arms Concert sound lower door panels that...
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    C1 bulkhead behind dash

    There are 2 spots listed as positive outputs for the gauges. Is one off these constant and one an ignition on? Thanks!
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    High vacuum.

    My car normally runs about 18 in of vacuum but will driving today it dropped to 30 on the gauge, power logger showed 34. Any ideas?
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    12 volt constant for alarm/keyless entry

    Hey guys, I'm installing an alarm and keyless entry systems and I was wondering if there was any spots in the fuse block I could tap into for a constant 12 volt connection. I actually need 2. If not I'll just run a fused distribution box to the battery, but that seems a little like over kill...
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    Second muffler RJC 4" single

    Anyone put a second muffler on an rjc or gn1 4" single?
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    Rocker shaft studs

    Hey everyone, just a quick question. What do I need to torque TA rocker shaft studs to? I assume that the nut still gets torqued to 25 ft/lbs. Just need to know about the students its self. Thanks everyone.
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    Head studs

    Hey guys, I've got a quick question about re-torquing head studs. Do I need to remove the intake manifold or just loosen the bolts on it or just leave it. I'm guessing I at least need to break the bolts loose? Thanks
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    Loss in boost pressure.

    So I've been running around 23psi in my car. Yesterday it run awesome and pulled hard. Today I noticed that I was only pushing 19-20psi and it obviously doesn't pull as hard. The car runs fine and feels the same until I get to WOT. I haven't made any changes. Wondering what I should start...
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    Racetronix fuel line kit filter

    Anyone have pictures of where they installed the filter with the racetronix kit? Also are the holes there or do I need to drill them? Oh, my kit also came with a pressure gauge but the fitting that comes with it appears to go to the feed line, any info? I searched but couldn't find much, mostly...
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    Front suspension is outrageously stiff

    Need some help, change the suspension on my car front to back, but now the front is sitting high and is outrageously stiff. I don't mean a little stiff like a race car, I mean stiff like no give at all, the only give in the front is the tires flexing. It's got spohn upper and lower control arms...
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    Good turbo buick mechanic in or around Greenville, SC

    Anyone know of a good turbo buick mechanic in or around Greenville SC? Need to find somewhere to figure out my mess. Got a new motor put in last year and have been trying to figure this thing out ever since. I'm about ready to throw in the towel and pay someone else to do it.
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    need help badly

    So I started my car today, just put in a built motor, and the O2s are going f'ing nuts at idle. Never above 300 and will drop down to damn near 0. Also the car idles around 975-1000 then drops to 600-700 and tries to stall then pics up. This does not happen at the same time that the O2s drop...
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    intercooler and e85

    Just looking for opinions on rather it would be worth it to put an intercooler on my gtp with E85 or if it would be a waste of money. Thanks.
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    Quality paint job

    I've been looking into getting some bodywork done and getting my car painted. I'm wondering if anyone knows of anyone in or around Greenville SC that does quality work. I'm not looking for a show quality $10,000-15,000 paint job or anything just something that looks decent. Any help or advice...
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    No fire. Crank sensor?

    I've checked all the fuses and I'm getting fuel but no fire. Already replaced the ignition module and coil pack. Any suggestions? Also does the MAF sensor have anything to do with the ignition system? I've replaced the stock one with a Z06 and translator setup. Scratching my head on this one...
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    rollermaster single timing chain

    Right now I'm trying to decide if I want to go for a cam or 1.9 rockers either way I will be replacing the timing chain and adding 105# springs so I'm thinking about putting in a rollermaster chain I'd like to keep the balance shaft in place. Also is anyone running a fluid dampaner?
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    AEM gauges and PL

    Hi guys got a quick question. I'm planning on buying an AEM boost, af, and fuel pressure gauge and I know you can hook the af gauge to the PL, so my question is can I hook the othe two to the power loger in the same fashion?
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    trans lines

    I need nnew transmission lines and my dad said he could make some for me. He suggested hydraulic hose, 20, 000 psi stuff. Just wondering is thiss would work alright or if I should go with braided stainless steel lines. Thanks for the help guys.
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    Radiator cover and fan mount bolt size

    What size and thread pitch are these? Apparently its common practice for people to throw marked containers of bolts away from my garage.