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    B.g. ladder

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    - 16 water neck

    Does anyone offer a -16 water neck for a stock/champion intake. Or what fitting to weld on ?
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    Air dam cold air inlet

    Anyone have pics of a bought or fabricated air dam inlet. Will be using the one piece air dam.
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    flex sensor reading high

    13577379 sensor. It reads e-24 on zitronix gauge And reads 23.9% on powerlogger with no fuel lines connected. Goes to e-100 with lines connected.
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    flex sensor with sd2

    Who has a gm flex sensor with the sd2.
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    weld prostar

    15x8 weld prostar 4.50 back space
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    cometic gaskets for 4.1

    What gaskets should be used with a 4" bore. I see they have a 4.020 or a 4.090
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    bailey module with cop

    up and running. simple install. I had a problem with a bad ls2 coil. The inexpensive coils on e-bay may not be the best way to go.
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    Thanks JW racing and performance

    A big thanks should go out to jason for the payouts this year. Thanks!!!
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    congrats randy alexander

    congrats on the 9.30 pass. Great job
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    quick save problem

    quick save has always worked . Friday went to the track and the quick save filled the screen top to bottom and would not quit trying to save untill i shut it off. ????
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    Can e-85 pump gas be used in tsa cars. It makes sense to drive your street car to the station and pump in gas than drive your truck to the speed shop to get a barrel of race gas ????
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    timing check with digital light

    I put a new reluctor ring on bhj and want to verify timing. With 30 degrees at idle i have to put 58 degrees on the timing light to get the mark to zero. That would be off by 2 degrees ??? Or do i have to use a old light with no dial or digital dial back.
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    fuel flow test ?

    Just curious how this is done. I see b grant site says 1 gallon in 20 seconds for a 9 second car. how would this be checked on a fuel system on a turbo regal.
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    cranking compression

    what kind of compresion # are you seeing. I have 247 ci about 9.4 to 1 compression 224 224 110 lsa cam did a check and have 180 at all 6 Dont think i ever saw it this high but motor just went together and have a brand new battery.
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    new cometics lasted 300'

    put new gaskets in last week. Went to the track and pretty much blew all six holes before i hit second gear. If your injector harness is ever in question get a new one or zip tie the main conector together. I now know what happens when the harness comes unpluged at wot. Had this happened in...
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    gto carfax

    need a carfax if someone can help out. 6g2vx12g94l223151
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    for those not at norwalk Live timing is up and running. Just saw tsm run.
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    greg weld wheels closeout

    It looks like summit has greg weld wheels on closeout. 15x3.5 through 15x12 99.50 each