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  1. Nick Micale

    Looking for BMS 3.625 or 3.59 cranks

    I have a forged 3.580" crank.
  2. Nick Micale

    Looking for instrument cluster for 86 or 87 GN

    Analog or digital, I have both.
  3. Nick Micale

    vintage air

    The kit is for 1978-1988 G-Body cars.
  4. Nick Micale

    vintage air

    Call me if interested as we have units ready to ship for Regals and other G-Body cars - 602-866-9908 and info is also on my web site.
  5. Nick Micale

    GNX Clone 16" Wheels/BFG Tires

    These have been on a GN that has been stored for 8 years. One spare wheel has never been used. Tires are BGF's are 245/50 ZR 16. All 5 will go for $900.
  6. Nick Micale

    Need vac brake pedal

    Title says al, would like to get 2 if possible, thanks.
  7. Nick Micale

    Spoolfool at it again!

  8. Nick Micale


    Let me know your paypal and will send you the funds.
  9. Nick Micale

    TE45A which exh housing should I use?

    I have installed about 100 45A's, and always used a Garrett stock housing. A typical experience on a 3.8 engine it went from mid-10's t0 to 10.2 easy!
  10. Nick Micale

    TH400 Driveshaft & Champion Complete Intake

    I have an alum TH-400 driveshaft which was a spare for my race car.
  11. Nick Micale

    Quarter panel needed..

    I have a left and rear quarter panels, no rust. Call if interested - 602-866-9908
  12. Nick Micale

    Stock Fuel Rail

    I have a bunch of stock , rust-free fuel rails.
  13. Nick Micale

    In need of a 109 engine.

    I have blocks and engines.
  14. Nick Micale

    WTB: OEM Stock Bore Piston

    The piston is in an original GM box part no. 25531262.
  15. Nick Micale

    WTB: OEM Stock Bore Piston

    I think there is a stock piston in the original box which has been around for at least 25 years? if you have not located a piston, let me know and will look for it.
  16. Nick Micale

    Cold Case Radiator Top Plate

    Cold Case uses their own harness. I use the Casper harness when I send out a rad with dual fans.
  17. Nick Micale

    Milli Volt readings

    In the "old days", the lowest number we wanted to see was 775 mv on the Scanmaster.
  18. Nick Micale

    Need pass door side mirror?

    Would prefer a non-remote mirror for a GN, any color, thanks.
  19. Nick Micale

    Stock downpipe and cat

    I have a stock cat that has been under a bench for 25 years. Tomorrow will check for a stock DP in my pile?
  20. Nick Micale

    AC Delco stock mass air flow sensor. 87

    Last year I found one at a dealer and my customer bought it for $500!