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  1. krom

    translator 5.2

    Working on a car that is getting a low maf "34". I disconnected the translator harness and put a regular maf in and car was fine. Confirmed that 5 volts was at the connector, voltage is only 3.6 through adapter harness at connector just before the ZO6 maf. Ohm'd the translator adapter harness...
  2. krom

    XFI for sale.

    XFI with 2.0 and internal data logger, recently checked and confirmed perfect by F.A.S.T. Caspers XFI to GN adapter harness. No wide band. $1350 shipped lower 48.
  3. krom

    Scanmaster XFI to stock computer use.

    Is it possible to convert the XFI version back to stock computer use? I have the 2.1 chipset to put back in and would cut off the plug and connect to the ALDL.
  4. krom

    Power steering reservoir cap needed

    Power steering reservoir cap needed, shipped to 85032
  5. krom

    Chrome headlight bezel and park light passenger side.

    Chrome headlight bezel and park light passenger side needed, not looking for NOS just decent condition shipped to 85032.
  6. krom

    Power steering reservoir

    Looking for a used power steering reservoir. Shipping to 85032
  7. krom

    Hood release cable needed for 87.

    Let me know how much shipped to 85032 for a good release cable. Board access is sporadic since the upgrade so be patient or email me at
  8. krom

    Billet crank, RJC Head Clamps,Girdle. CP pistons.

    Billet crank, stoke stroke, standard $1000+ shipping. RJC head clamps Need 1 push pin $100+shipping. CP Pistons 40 0ver $300+ shipping RJC Girdle, scraper,spacer, caps and stud kit. $250+ shipping.
  9. krom

    Champion R Heads

    Champion R heads fresh back from Champion Max porting. Beryllium seats. Titanium intake valves. Inconel exhaust valves. Stud kit for 109 block T&D matched pair 1.70 rockers $3800 + shipping.
  10. krom

    R Heads, Billet crank, Pistons and more

    Champion R heads being checked at machine shop and will be delivered fresh and ready to go. $3200+s Max porting. Beryllium seats. Titanium intake valves. Inconel exhaust valves. Stud kit for 109 block T&D matched pair 1.70 rockers $700+s Billet cam #G3083-05 $700+s for 4 items Crower...
  11. krom

    problem in Jefferson City/Columbia Missouri

    A local Phoenix guy (Gus) on holiday is having problems and needs help. His GN is running like shit and needs help, he is limping the car down the highway. His issues are engine missing and shaking and his brakes (vacuum} are not working. I got him to check the vacuum lines everywhere and they...
  12. krom

    2 tone Limited showed up at my house.

    A friend just recently sold it and he is storing it at my place until the new owner picks it up. He left it with a full tank of 116:D and the keys. Rare to have two 2 tone limited in one place.
  13. krom

    VR1 at O'reillys

    Bought a case of VR1 20-50 for 35.88 yesterday, sale good until 5/24
  14. krom

    Advertising Banner.

    I know times are tough, but the Man Love banner at the top of the page needs to go away. Never thought I would see it on this site.
  15. krom

    NASA space pictures

    Found this link A friend
  16. krom

    Friends turbo Mustang for sale.

    Info 1991 Mustang GT, original factory black interior. Original Strawberry clearcoat metallic paint, titanium paint has been repainted 91,000 miles Never went to the track very often, but the best time was 10.25 @ 141mph Driven to and from the track Featured in Modified Mustangs magazine...
  17. krom

    Pinks 9 second all out in Phoenix

    2 Buicks made the final 16 of of 106 cars. It was exciting to be there. Watch the show for results.;) :biggrin:
  18. krom

    Bruce T

    Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blue car still running good, come to Phoenix for thanksgiving.
  19. krom


    Add your opinion to Dodge survey.
  20. krom

    Turbo Mustang vs Busa

    Friend racing a bike.