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  1. Buckshot G/N

    Stock engine tries to die 2-3 times at cold start

    Do you have a scan master, if not get one. Vacuum leaks on these cars are extremely hard to locate. S/M is a must. Check your BLM should read 128 or tad lower. Things to check PVC, EGR Valve ,also MAF and line to charcoal canister. If you have very quiet area start car and listen closely it may...
  2. Buckshot G/N

    New Member & New Owner

    That is all good news to hear, Now just drive the $hit out of it , and introduce it to your bank account, those two go hand in hand.:oops:
  3. Buckshot G/N

    A bit of humor

    Spot on Chuck, but at my age it's the opposite of what the picture suggest !! Lol..
  4. Buckshot G/N

    New Member & New Owner

    GN looks nice, Lots of folks on this board might say it kinda looks like mines. LOL. Yes very heavy ass doors, with very slow power windows. Might want to invest in a window racer asap if PW or applicable.
  5. Buckshot G/N

    1987 T for sale (MI) - 2nd owner car

    Well deserved Congrats !! " Sold with or without GNX dash cluster ?.
  6. Buckshot G/N

    Question about an AC Delco AM/FM/CD that's on its way to me

    You are referring to Jay Frick in the Pittsburgh area. I just had a flashback, I order numerous of times from Jay's GN in the late 90's. Last I heard he was having surgery probably 9 or 10 years ago. Jay was truly an ambassador for the Turbo Buick.
  7. Buckshot G/N

    67 corvette lt with 2004r from GN 170mph straight shot

    Love it ... one bad old school vette. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Buckshot G/N

    New Member & New Owner

    Welcome, you' are now officially weird, and that's a good thing. That car will make you do things you less expected, Congratulations. Looks as if the GN was stored in nice garage warehouse, the Chevy C10 "sharp" and the gold wing door looks like from a Delorean or a Bricklin. ?
  9. Buckshot G/N

    Online repair manual

    Thanks Jerryl for this post I has well have been searching for an online manual. Thank you Anthony P for providing it. BTW I have been lacking on receiving notifications as well.
  10. Buckshot G/N

    White GN, Anyone on here?

    Must not been a convincing salesman either , couldn't talk his way out of the tickets. But to his defense 86 thru the early 90's these cars were like a red rag is to a bull in Madrid Spain, I will contest to that . BTW was the engine compartment ,door jambs and inside trunk lid painted.
  11. Buckshot G/N

    White GN, Anyone on here?

    I think I remember that car, but if that was a GN I would have hated to get paint bill , turning a 100% black car into a 100% white car would been challenging. probably was definitely less expensive to convert a white T Type.
  12. Buckshot G/N

    Question about an AC Delco AM/FM/CD that's on its way to me

    To get a radio CD like that one pictured in a 97 Pickup, that would have had to be a Silverado Z71 or some type of plush pickup , most economy pickup came with cassette like you mentioned. I have seen a radio similar to that one in a GN ,but it was cassette as well.
  13. Buckshot G/N

    Question about an AC Delco AM/FM/CD that's on its way to me

    Radio mounting ears that come with that radio should allow you to secure radio . I can't see the rear of radio but some 1.5 din the back of radio tapper off in back. Looks as if you need a radio bezel as well. There are some aftermarket bezel that comes with a bottom support for radio. What...
  14. Buckshot G/N

    Shipping advice

    Anyone of your LTL carrier YRC ,ABF ,OLD DOMINION, will haul your freight, but like Texas T mentioned, those docker workers will load all types of hodgepodge freight around ,on top, just everywhere. You may want to checkout some of those Hotshot six wheelers Transportation Co, like Panther...
  15. Buckshot G/N

    Whats it worth?

    Same scenario... If any constellation a buddy of mine ,Friday purchase Tranny out of a 85 GN with 95K miles for 250.00. Car had been setting wrecked for 3 years.
  16. Buckshot G/N

    TTops Front Section Protector Channel

    Fits 82 thru 85 Regal with Ttops. 12.00 for both and you pay for ride. GM #20164509
  17. Buckshot G/N

    White GN, Anyone on here? Definitely different, if owner is on this board they need to hook up with Xray..
  18. Buckshot G/N

    Wtb: valve cover breather and adjustable fuel pressure regulator

    I have the exact one Kirban sales for 50.00 , with the billet curve tube. $35.00 and you pay for ride. Can't upload photos, but would be glad to text you photos. Go to Kirban website and and see cap as well. Thanks
  19. Buckshot G/N

    Wtb: valve cover breather and adjustable fuel pressure regulator

    I have new tube/ breather cap. PM if interested.