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    Turbo trans am taken out by tree

    Have a turbo trans am that unfortunately was taken out by large tree. Motor and tranny appear to be fine but car is not salvageable. Like to sell whole.
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    Need stock style adjustable wastegate

    need stock turbo adjustable wastegate
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    Need 1987 turbo wastegate

    need turbo wastegate for stock downpipe adjustable would be good
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    1986 0r 1987 powersteering reservoir

    looking for one p0wersteering tank
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    needed gn dash plaque

    looking for a decent dash plaque
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    grey limited upper door panels

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    need oil and tranny dipstick and oil tube

    looking for oil dipstick and tube and just tranny dipstick for 87 gn
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    looking for motor mount plate

    have the rubber half need backing plate that bolts to motor. Just for one side. Thanks:smile:
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    need 40 over forged pistons

    looking for new or good used 40 over forged pistons
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    need 2 je 30 over pistons

    motor ate hose clamp screw
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    vector wheels,wilwood disk brakes,gnx dash

    I have 4 vector wheels that are 15" by 8.5 with pretty decent tires and two that are 15 inch by 7 I believe without tires. Basically like to sell together.A Wilwood disk brake setup with 4 dual piston superlite calipers, 12 inch slotted rotors and mounting for front and back also new brake...
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    Vector wheels and Wilwood disk brakes

    Have two complete sets of vector wheels for sale$ 200 plus shipping a set of 4 Also have front and rear dual caliper Wilwood disk brake set up 12 Inch slotted rotors I believe with mounting brackets. I also have many other parts. Just trying to clean up the garage some.. Best offer on the...
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    rosewood turbo good transaction

    Good to deal with and fast shipping on parts.
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    valve cover acorn nut

    I'm in need of one lost acorn nut. Thanks
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    Turbo Trans am valve covers In need

    Does anybody have an extra set of valve covers for sale or even a set of the fwd ones that will work for the turbo trans am style heads. Thanks
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    Need 1987 turbo oil pan Thanks.
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    Fuel pump only Works when hot wired

    Hello, I just finished putting a new motor in my we4. The fuel pump doesn't seem to be getting power. After dropping the tank i found that the fuel pump is working. When I run 12 volts directly to the pump it works. I realize there is a fuse and a relay which I switched from another running car...