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  1. qws2000

    the temp gauge and XFI temp not accurate

    I have not driven the car for over a month, so I start the car and checking the fluids. The car is idling for about 5 min and I notice the temp gauge is over 150/ and the xfi edash screen is telling me its 170. I go to the radiator and notice the twin fans are on and the outside of the...
  2. qws2000

    Weldon 1100-A is it enough?

    I want to use a Weldon pump for my E-85 upgrade.. I'm using 160 injectors, is a 1100-A enough pump or do I go with the D2015-a?...
  3. qws2000

    Xfi and trying to understand the A/F?

    I upgraded to Xfi with the motor change, over the summer. The problem is with A/F... I have a eDash for the Xfi and it reads A/F of 9.7-10.8. The target reads 12.8-14.4 The car is setup to run on pump gas and Alcohol.. If the target is asking for a 12.8 and it is reading 10.3 what needs to...
  4. qws2000

    How do you know when its time for a new turbo??

    I feel like the more I do to this car, the less I know!!!!.. When you look thru these logs, are there anything that tells you that the turbo is pushing all in???
  5. qws2000

    My laptop is not working, can you adjust Air/fuel thru eDash??

    So my lap top is not working with the xfi, I have eDash, can you adjust the A/F... On the Dyno in 3rd gear it was commanding 10.2-10.8...
  6. qws2000

    275/60/15 Question?

    I put a 15 inch wheel on the rear, and the tire Im using are the New Nitto 501 Drag Radial 275/60/15... My question is what's a safe tire pressure on the street... I have 27.5 psi in them now, and problem is I jumped on it around 40-50 mph and car lost traction and Im thankful it was late at...
  7. qws2000

    Interior is starting to match the outside

    ... Every winter I think I am done, and somehow I find myself knee deep in another project...
  8. qws2000

    Looking for a 17 inch tire?

    O k so I want to change out of the M/T drag radial 295/45/17... I want to put a soft auto cross type tire?? If anyone has some suggestions, please let me know
  9. qws2000

    So The motor is done....

    So this motor took over 2yrs to complete, and along the way it was a bit bumpy, with a handful of set backs... I will say the final product is pretty amazing and it is far above what I thought it would be... I would like to thank (Bison) Brian for babysitting the job, and giving it 6 months of...
  10. qws2000

    Has anyone popped out a freeze out plug on a new motor... Just wanted to know what could cause it??

    The freeze out plug, popped out a few hrs after the motor was installed and now Im wanting to know what causes that to happen?? I know if the plug was not set correctly it could let go.. Has this happened to many people? Wanting to know more about this problem; I could not find a lot of info...
  11. qws2000

    Log for a Dyno session

    Brian, This is one of the Dyno session logs... I hope this helps... Tell what you think of the car?
  12. qws2000

    Cooling System Pressurized???

    Well, again I will show my lack of general mechanics, how do you pressurize the cooling system.... If anyone can help, a big thanks...
  13. qws2000

    I disconnected the battery?

    My question is I disconnected the battery for a few minutes, and I was wondering did lose all of my current settings (tune)???
  14. qws2000

    New rims/tires for the track

    Ok I did get Race stars Black rims and they are 15x10 5x4.75 bolt pattern b/s 7.25.... I only got 2 rims as they are going on the cars that go to the track. My questions are is that too much backspace, and Is there a big difference between 15x10 and 15x8. I am putting on 275/60/ D/R on the rims..
  15. qws2000

    How bad is a Milkshake liquid in the radiator

    On my new white T with 119,544 miles, I opened the radiator cap and found a milky colored liquid... I had the car out for about 2hrs normal driving but noticed the temp at 202, so put the heat on and came home... My fault but it seems like these motors get hurt so easy...
  16. qws2000

    Spark plug check???

    Well the last few weeks I have been changing spark plugs, from AC Delco to Autolite Racing 132.... I have heard that the Auto lite racing plug foul out quick and often.... So here is the question how can you tell if the plug is fouled??? What does the plug look like??? I don't drive the car...
  17. qws2000

    I am using new plugs, Is there a set gap number???

    Is there a set gap number I seem to hear 25 quite
  18. qws2000

    Can This Autolite Racing plug really work???

    I have been using Ac Delco plugs and have wanted to try a new plug, but this Autolite Racing AR132 is like half the size??? Whats up with this....
  19. qws2000

    Spraying Nitrous and just boggs

    If your spraying Nitrous and car Boggs down, let go of the button and car runs fine... With that happing will that cause the plugs to foul... I checked a couple of plugs and they looked fouled only 25 miles or so on these plugs...
  20. qws2000

    What is the best Header Gasket??

    I seem to blow out the gasket at High RPM and Boost.... I just tried Remflex .. and lasted one pass.. Any seg