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  1. Quick Chick

    Magnaflow 3 “ exhaust 16884

    Anyone have any fit and or install issues? If so what were they
  2. Quick Chick

    Tons of parts for sale - new and used

    keep checking this post for updates and added parts. I don't want to hear complaints about posting multiple threads for parts for sale on this forum anymore. I am not a vendor.... just been building and collecting Buick parts for years and it's time to clean out some stuff. Everything done...
  3. Quick Chick

    LED tailight kit

    I purchased my kit from Scot over at GNS about a year 1/2 ago. I noticed now I have 2 LED lights out on the drivers side. A friend of mine said his LED tailight kit has the same lights out on the same side. Weird right? Anyone else have this issue?? Those 2 lights being out are killing me.
  4. Quick Chick

    Football season is here

    Granted, it's preseason, but hey we are in the home stretch! Who is everyone rooting for? LET'S GO JETS!!!!
  5. Quick Chick

    Turbo Oil Feed and Return

    Anyone on here have it? Thoughts? Thanks!
  6. Quick Chick

    Relay bracket

    sold as is $25 plus shipping
  7. Quick Chick

    2 headlights with buckets

    sold as is $15 each plus shipping
  8. Quick Chick

    Power master mounting bracket

    sold as is $20 plus shipping
  9. Quick Chick

    One quarter panel extension

    sold as is $10 plus shipping
  10. Quick Chick

    Factory License plate bracket

    Sold as is $10 plus shipping
  11. Quick Chick

    Fender well plastics

    sold as is $10 each plus shipping
  12. Quick Chick

    Heat shield

    sold as is $15 plus shipping
  13. Quick Chick

    T-top plastic trim

    sold as is - perfect condition Group buy special on all $100 plus shipping Otherwise will sell separately Small t piece $20 plus shipping Big t piece $40 plus shipping Rest of the 4 pieces $15 each plus shipping
  14. Quick Chick

    I haven't seen one of these in forever

    1986 Buick Grand National LeSabre
  15. Quick Chick

    New upgrade.... Just one more piece to the puzzle

    I actually installed them awhile ago.... But was just waiting on the console to be more completed. I had wanted to just notch out a bit on the GN crowd here by me... Always loved lightning rods. I had gotten some Oldsmobile consoles but didn't like the design (of course I like to be difficult)...
  16. Quick Chick

    Drive side kick panel

    sold as is $10 plus shipping
  17. Quick Chick

    Chrome dash above glove box trim

    sold as is - perfect condition $25 plus shipping
  18. Quick Chick

    Shift cover

    sold as is $10 plus shipping
  19. Quick Chick

    Stock radio

    sold as is - not sure if it works Has brackets $10 plus shipping
  20. Quick Chick

    Dash surround cover

    Sold as is $20