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  1. chris

    PTC NLU 9.5” converter

    Less than 20 street miles, less than 10 quarter mile passes. Worked flawlessly. Stall is around 3400 - 3600. $750 shipped.
  2. chris

    Parts at Bowling Green

    Parts that will be at Bowling Green. Large parts pre-pay since I'm limited on space to transport. 8445 heads - $50 set - sold 2004R transmission - fresh rebuild by DynoTech, only driven less than 5 miles and 2 qtr mile passes. NLU with deep pan. $950 - sold Torque Converters for 2004R - PTC 20...
  3. chris

    5 piece rear spoiler

    Looking for a full five piece rear trunk spoiler -- what do have?
  4. chris

    Wanted Champion intake space

    Looking for a champion intake plenum spacer for Champion intake, let me know what you have.
  5. chris

    TT chips and EGR

    Do TurboTweak 5.7 chips have the EGR programming removed?
  6. chris

    SD2 dropping out of closed loop ?

    In the file between 37 and 39 seconds, the system drops out of closed loop. Can anyone identify why it goes to open loop. I can't see any obvious data changes other than the BLM pass between 160 and 180, cells 6 & 7. thanks
  7. chris

    Intronics pocket programmer software

    Does anybody have a good copy of the Intronics pocket programmer software. My 3.5" disc is bad and I need to reload. I had the dos version, is there a windows version?
  8. chris

    Throttle Cable

    In need of a TR throttle cable, let me know what you have and how much.
  9. chris

    Hellwig rear sway bar

    Hellwig rear sway bar, this has been installed but not driven on street. 1" tubular steel, adjustable end links, street performance / pro touring. $150 shipped. Can't upload files, can send pics.
  10. chris

    One GTA front non-dimpled

    Looking for one GTA front non-dimpled wheel. Color doesn't matter, must be straight and no curbing.
  11. chris

    Body panel gap

    What should the body panel gap be? Are they consistent between all the panels?
  12. chris

    Drivers for PL

    Where can I get the complete driver setup for the PL? The disc I have is blank.
  13. chris

    HR swaybar axle and frame mounts

    I need HR swaybar axle mounts for a 8.5 rear and frame mounts for the front brackets.
  14. chris

    BGC series 1 downpipe

    Bowling Green Customs series 1 downpipe. Three inch mild steel complete with gasket and bolts. $200 shipped. Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
  15. chris

    RJC 3" downpipe, internal wastegate

    Looking for a RJC downpipe with internal wastegate.
  16. chris

    Misc parts ~ turbo, DP, AMS-500, 83# inj+E85 chip, cranks

    Time to clean up 70mm garrett compressor, turbonetics exhaust 4 bolt turbo, 4" in / 2.5" out, race gate, & stainless 3" DP ~ $700 shipped AMS-500 ~ new ~ $325 shipped SOLD 83# injectors (low impedance) & TT5.6 E85 chip ~ $225 shipped turbo cranks, stock ~ will need turned, should go 10/10 ~ $130...
  17. chris

    Trying to contact Chris Sutton

    Any body know how to get ahold of Chris Sutton from Colorado? or his user name?
  18. chris

    Accel Gen 7

    Bought this off of another board member, (KevinB) but never got around to installing. He ran this in TSM and THS into the 9's. Tune in the box is set for 96 lb injectors. What you will get: -Gen7 dfi box -External data logger and wideband controller -adapter harness for a factory buick...
  19. chris

    3" v-band downpipe

    Looking for a 3" v-band downpipe that will clear ATR headers.
  20. chris

    ATR pass side header

    I need an ATR pass side header, what do you have?