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  1. turbobuick

    Motors for Sale complete S2 offcenter & 109 stroker

    I have two motors and only need one to run this season and would like to sell the other. I have another 4.1 offcenter with new TA heads I am planning another build for next year so the motor I keep to run may also be for sale next spring. Both of these motors are assembled and complete and...
  2. turbobuick

    NASA American Iron Champion in a Buick GN!

    I just saw this in NASA newsletter and have not seen or heard about this guy but apparently he is killing it with a Buick GN with a LS motor in it. This is super cool and no small feat in a g-body if you ask me...
  3. turbobuick

    Garage Advice new Build

    Well after 16 years in my house in a suburban subdivision and tiny 594sqft garage I have finally decided to pull the trigger and add an addition on the house so I can have my own workshop/toy box! We dug and poured the footers yesterday and I am super excited! My current garage with a pic of...
  4. turbobuick

    109 Girdled Stroker motor FRESH complete

    I am selling the motor out of my T-type as I built a fresh S2 offcenter motor for it. The motor is currently apart and at the machinist so everything can be inspected. I am willing to sell it assembled as a complete motor. The motor is apart only for inspection and everything is pretty much...
  5. turbobuick

    NEW 89 TTA Caspers Positive Battery Cable, NEW Cam Sensor, TPS-Tec Caspers

    I have a new unopened Caspers 1989 Turbo Trans Am positive battery cable $75 shipped Brand New Wells Buick Cam Sensor. I have been keeping this around but have one in the car two other good ones and several in pieces, doubt I will ever need a new one. $200 shipped Caspers TPS-Tec this is...
  6. turbobuick

    DIY AVC GNX Dash kit

    I have a bunch of parts from an AVC GNX dash I would like to get rid of as a package. You would need to build a harness and buy four gauges but everything else is there to make it work. These parts are used and not new, the dash panel will need sanded down and repainted or covered in 3M carbon...
  7. turbobuick

    04 Mach 1 Twin Turbo 1400 HP, Help me get my TSO car back!!

    I have an oppourtunity to buy my old TSO car back and would like to sell this in order to make that happen so please help a Buick fella out, lol! As much as I want to I just can't be a Mustang guy, I have tried and have owned several and this one is definitely the baddest one I have ever owned...
  8. turbobuick

    CAS V4 Alky Control Kit Walbro 340 pump and Hanger

    I will be in Bowling Green this year and can bring these or ship them if you like. CAS V4 has some damage from loading on a trailer which caused the IC to hit the fan. All cosmetic and it happened years ago and the IC was on the car up till last week. I have all the mounting hardware needed...
  9. turbobuick

    109 Block std bore

    I have a fresh std bore 109 block I would like to sell and finally get out of my garage as it is a constant reminder of a bad deal I got screwed on from a supposed friend. I also have a pair of billet steel center caps I can throw in the deal for an extra $100. Block is in Youngstown Ohio...
  10. turbobuick

    Need to move fast!!

    No longer for sale
  11. turbobuick

    Danny Bee Belt Drive with belt drive Distr, Oil pump, BHJ, MSD Crank Trigger 16v Alt complete

    This is the complete front assembly for a S2 Buick V6 complete and custom made by Dan Strezo at DLS performance. I have $1100 into Danny Bee Belt Drive $300 into Powermaster Alternator which works with 16v or 12v $189 into Champion alt bracket $450 into BHJ Balancer $3900 into DLS who supplied...
  12. turbobuick

    Race car parts for sale PTE 88, PW66, CSR, Metco, Weldon, EGT datalogger

    I have a few items left over from the race car I am looking to sell all parts are brand new used only for mock up. Precision PT88 Billet compressor wheel 4788 turbo, TSO legal turbo, complete with turbine and outlet weld flanges and clamps. $1975 shipped. The turbo is $2700 new PLUS the clamps...
  13. turbobuick

    WTB Dash Panel drivers vent

    I am looking for the black dash panel with the drivers side vent that the speedo cluster bolts into along with the dash surround. I just need to to mock up a custom dash I want to install on my car and would like to do it without tearing my dash apart. Not looking to spend a ton on it either...
  14. turbobuick

    PTE-8884 Turbo

    Billet wheel 88mm turbo with T4 .96 AR turbine housing and GT47 turbine wheel and journal bearing center. This turbo is BRAND NEW and used only for mock up purposes. This turbo is $2700 new from PTE. I have both the outlet weld flange and clamp and the turbine weld flange and clamps, along...
  15. turbobuick

    Back in the Buick world!

    It's been awhile but I am so excited about getting my old car back I wanted to share the story. The last time I had been down the track was at the 2011 GSCA Nats in my 86 T-type that I did a complete frame off resto on, see thread below. In the summer of 2012 I traded that T-type for a Stage...
  16. turbobuick

    EA Stage 3 TH400 Spragless 2:10 gearset PTC TQ conveter 10.5"

    I am selling my Extreme Automatics TH400 STAGE III. The trans is currently at EA and Lonnie can answer any questions concerning it. Trans is freshened and ready to go and will ship direct from EA. Highlights: -Kilgore 2:10 gear set -Billet input shaft and billet alum forward drum -Billet...
  17. turbobuick

    87 GN 25.3 Chassis Stock Style suspension small tire car. Parts or Whole

    1987 Buick Grand National NHRA 25.3 Spec Chassis Stock style suspension small tire 10.5W, 275x or Outlaw Drag Radial car. -Car has title and is a real 87 GN -Should weigh less than 2900# with driver when finished. The plan was a factory black stock appearing GN body, black chrome powder...
  18. turbobuick

    87 GN Drag Radial Build

    Well, its been sometime since I have posted here. I almost can't believe it but the chassis guy building my car is actually just about done. Its been 5 years in the making and other than pedals, trunk tin work and a few other misc small items the chassis fab work is finished! I actually...
  19. turbobuick

    GTA Rims pair FRONT Two piece non-dimpled NEW!!

    I have a pair of early non-dimpled two piece GTA wheels that have been completely restored. The lips where re-machined with clear coat removed and highly polished lips. Centers are charcoal grey and painted the factory GTA color so if you have another set of charcoal grey GTA wheels these...
  20. turbobuick

    Hurst Lightning Rod Shifters TH400 TH350

    This is everything needed to bolt into a G-body. You will have to modify you console and get the aftermarket Buick console cover. They are pretty much mint, includes shifter cable and bracket. $450 shipped. Again this is for a 3-speed TH400 or TH350 NOT the factory 200r4 four speed!!!