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  1. "Turbo-T"

    Fast and Furious GN at Gatlinburg TN

    While in Tennessee last weekend, I took a trip down to Gatlinburg to the Star Cars museum. Apparently this is one of the GN's used in the movie. As you can see, it's not a real GN, but it does appear to have the LC2 drivetrain. Thought I'd post. Here's some pics. Enjoy.
  2. "Turbo-T"

    Buick power source, book GN/T-type facts and figures book, Caspers fuel gauge for sale

    Cleaning out the garage and came across some items to sell. All prices include shipping in the lower 48 states. I accept Paypal as payment. 1 Buick Power source book in excellent condition. $40 1 Buick GN/T type facts and figures book. In excellent condition $20 1 Buick book for older cars...
  3. "Turbo-T"

    Autometer Sport Comp II tachometer p/n 3699

    Bought this new at a swap meet, used it once to set the idle on my Nova, then put it back in the box and that's it. Was going to use it in the Nova but decided a smaller indash tach I found would be better. With that said, yes this tach works, yes it comes with the bracket, instructions...
  4. "Turbo-T"

    T type or Grand National center cap

    For sale: one center cap for T type or Grand National. Appears to be in good shape. $30 shipped in the lower 48 states. I accept paypal (preferred) or postal money order.
  5. "Turbo-T"

    Found another GN

    But IMO a tad overpriced....with a red flag.... It's an 85 GN but it has an 87 GN drivetrain in it. It needs bumper fillers, the engine is bone stock, no scan tool, nothing....body is ok (paint is thinned in some areas but interior is ok) Here's the biggest kicker....I ask for the 8th...
  6. "Turbo-T"

    Extra parts left over that need to go

    Moog front sway bar bushings brand new still in bag Stock chip from Scanmaster Powermaster brake boot for the firewall Brand new serpentine belt for LC2 engine Stock radiator bracket for the bottom of the shroud Evap solenoid with hose and check valve I'd like to sell the whole...
  7. "Turbo-T"

    86-87 T type or GN with a built engine/trans that is proven 10's in the 1/4...and a not so hot body

    I know this is probably a long shot but here goes... I acquired a non TR vehicle that I have the itch to drop in a TR engine/trans into. The only thing is I want to see/hear the engine run, and be able to "test" it before I buy. I am interested in seeing if anyone out there has a GN or T...
  8. "Turbo-T"

    Autometer silver faced electric oil psi gauge (new) and Moog sway bar bushings (new)

    As the title says...more Buick parts that need to go. The oil psi gauge is missing the night illumination socket/bulb but has everything else. (sensor, tubing, hardware) $50 shipped in the lower 48. $10 shipped for the bushings in the lower 48. Paypal and postal money orders accepted.
  9. "Turbo-T"

    Parted ways with a friend

    Today I sold off the Buick. Probably wont be getting back in the game as it seems you have to have a very good bank account to keep one of these rascals going. Hard to do when you're raising a family of 4 on a single income and making less than $40k a year. By the time I can get back into it the...
  10. "Turbo-T"

    Cam sensor, dump pipe, PCV valves, 7/8 HD brake cylinders, engine solenoids, shifter light, PM boot

    Sold the car, now selling the parts. Shipping is in the lower 48. Anyone else outside OM me for a quite. Brand new cam sensor in wrapper. $150 shipped. Used 3 inch dump pipe, 12 inches long but comes with extenders you can weld on. $60 shipped A pair of rear wheel cylinders new in package...
  11. "Turbo-T"

    I need a test pipe

    Has to be a 3 inch one. Doesn't have to be polished - a standard one will work fine. Please submit pics with a price shipped to 65305. Thanks.
  12. "Turbo-T"

    87 white T f/s

    I've decided to put my 87 T up for sale. I've had my fun with it, but now with 2 kids and on a single income, I don't get to enjoy it, have lost interest in it and have decided it's time to move on. Factory options are the turbo V6, 4 speed auto, posi trac rear, power windows, power locks...
  13. "Turbo-T"

    What's with the metal strap under the driveshaft?

    Most of you probably know....when you go to install a driveshaft loop, from the factory, there's a piece of stamped metal that usually has to be unbolted. Anyone know what this piece of metal is/was for? Was it supposed to "catch" the driveshaft incase the driveshaft dropped? And if it's...
  14. "Turbo-T"

    TT street chip and 3" test pipe

    Looking to see if anyone has a TT chip v 5.7 for street and a 3" test pipe. LMK if you do, with pics and price shipped to 65305. Thanks.
  15. "Turbo-T"

    So how many times do I need to have my pump rebuilt?

    I bought the kit back in May 2008, the first pump (silver) worked great, for a little over 3 years. Then it started leaking all over the floor. Plus I was having intermittent pressure issues where the pump light would flash back and forth from green to red. After having to buy a whole new pump...
  16. "Turbo-T"

    How many miles can you expect from valve springs

    Maybe it's me but it seems I can find quite a few folks who have valve spring issues that cause upper rpm stumbling. Are TR's common for the valve springs notoriously going weak?
  17. "Turbo-T"

    How can I tell if I have fast ratio steering or not?

    It might sound silly but.... From what I have read, all TR's with the Y56 package received fast ratio steering. A few years back right after I bought my TR, I had the steering box replaced by a shop because it had a tremendous amount of slop in the steering. Since then I haven't drove my TR...
  18. "Turbo-T"

    Car bucks and surges under load

    Found out today my car bucks and surges under load. It's more noticable in OD but I also noticed you can feel it if you drop the trans to D3 and put it under a load. When not under load you can't notice it as much. No codes, FP looked ok, AFR's were in the 14's-15's when it happened. Not...
  19. "Turbo-T"

    10 mpg?

    Holy shit I think my Buick drinks fuel worse than an alcoholic drinks alcohol. Today I got paid and the fuel gauge was on 1/4, yet I've only driven the car 107 miles since the last fill up. I figured maybe the gas gauge was reading wrong. So i fill it up, and it took 10 gallons to put it at...
  20. "Turbo-T"

    wickedsixx is good in my book

    wickedsixx hooked me up with some caps for my rims at a good price. Sure wished they'd come back with the itrader f/b.