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    MAF translator/MAF

    Title says it all, looking for a MAF and MAF Translator. PPrefer LS! style, but for the right price, anything is possible right?
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    Fiberglass Rear Bumper & Fillers

    If you'll ship, I can send you paypal, zip code 37040
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    Early shift, no down shift

    Thank you so much. I'm going to be trying it tomorrow afternoon. Maybe I'll order a shorter upper cable, insert that reducer and see how it works out as well! so happy that this may not be another 200 dollar fix!
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    Early shift, no down shift

    Sorry to sound incompetent sir, but a little bit of help. So you're saying that if I unscrew the speedometer cable at the trans and it shifts normally. If it shifts normaly, what would I do next, if it doesn't, then I'm assuming that its the TCC or VSS. I'm sorry for so many questions, I just...
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    Early shift, no down shift

    And before you say it, I searched already. That's how I got to this point. So I have an 85 t type, and the speedometer wasn't working. It threw a code 24 at me, I read that there would be an issue if the speedometer wasn't working. I bought the 100" speedo cable instead of the two piece like...
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    Vaccum lines...omg

    I think I'm getting it cleaned up. Quick question on the first picture. Theres a line coming out of the turbo, but I can't find where it goes to? Any help? I was getting confused at the diagrams because the vacuums on the valve cover were moved to the firewall. Man i swear I'm dense!
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    Vaccum lines...omg

    Thank yall so much. Life savers!!
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    Vaccum lines...omg

    Thank you so much. Any clue what sizes houses by chance
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    Vaccum lines...omg

    So I've looked, googled etc. Please help me the line coming off my turbo goes no where but pulls locks of vaccum. I have no clue where any of the stuff goes. Any help would be appreciated. Btw. Last picture comes from a white tube and just ends lol.
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    New owner need help-Clarksville TN

    I like the color. Would like to go a shade darker for next paintjob since I have to fix rust anyway
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    New owner need help-Clarksville TN

    Hello all!! New to turbo cars just bought one that needs help! I bought a 1985 turbo buick that I'm looking for as much info as possible. It sold at barrett Jackson in 2008 for 20k, I didn't pay that much for it. Its lime green turbo T and has been neglected. I'm trying to figure out what was...
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    $75 bird-dog check to anyone that finds me a sportbike!!

    OK, just to help you out, I play on Sportbikes, Cruisers, Dirtbikes, Vintage Bikes, ATV's and more! alot and theres always something and somebody there willing to sell or help out. I don't want the money, just to help ya out, so good hunting and hopefully you find what your looking for, or...
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    Rode 1386 miles on a Gixxer1000!!

    I wish I still had mine to make the trip. I am looking at another GSXR1k, but I'll be damned if I want a new one, or a used one with 15k. Lower miles cost so much, I sold mine only a year ago with 5k miles on it for 6500, and now I regret everything about it...wished I woulda kept the leathers...
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    Is this For Real

    I was taken by one of these scams way back in the day, being young and nieve, I kept my car, lost alot of money to the bank. Somewhere in the ball park of 7500 bucks. Like was said earlier, if it seems too good to be true, chances are, it is!
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    What did you do to your GN/TR today?

    I looked at my cars on the internet, since they're 10k miles away right now :(
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    Why did so many people like the G-Body Monte Carlos?

    This is why I chose what I chose, because I could do the exterior how I wanted, though the colors didn't come out quite as well as I had hoped, and nobody would be like "you ruined a perfectly good GN for that?!?" No offense to you all, I really love the GN, but three or four colors to chose...
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    Another Class Winner

    Your right, some shirts take it a lil too far....Funny t-shirts, Funny shirts, Crazy t-shirts, Crazy shirts, Cool t-shirts, Cool shirts people shouldn't do things like that around their kids...I had a bunch of them shirts, but when my son was born, most went to rags, a few are there for junkyard...
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    Need help selling car in florida asap! details

    Can they use a tag that says "tags applied for"...I know georgia will, but you have to have proof, and all it is is a piece of paper that the owner writes on and sticks there...or maybe a transportation tag? Or if she buys it right there, just get to the bank, and see if they can do everything...
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    Where can I download music?

    I also have had no problem with limewire. If your using it for ipod, the itunes store is good, if for the purpose of burning to cd, has a lot, non censorred.
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    Camera/memory card question the card locked? I don't know if that would do anything with it, or different sizes, megapixels, something? darned I'm totally lost now