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  1. mike85gn

    Intercooler conversion,Astroroof assembly

    PM sent re: IC conv. parts :)
  2. mike85gn

    Garrett T35

    Best replacement would be to try and find a stock turbo for it. Next step up would be a TA49, which is a great turbo, but requires fuel mods to keep up with it. What does the car have done already?
  3. mike85gn

    the most boost possible!!!!

    Mine was done with EGT/NB/plug reading before WB was widely available but yes - with the low cost of WB nowadays there is no point doing it any other way. MAFT Pro and LC-1 and 3-bar MAP make engine management a breeze - most power for least work.
  4. mike85gn

    the most boost possible!!!!

    When I started tuning, I worked up from 45 psi line off fuel pressure and 12 psi boost. Standard street chip with 17º timing for 42.5# injectors. I ran a 94 octane ethanol blend. Normal temperatures varied from 70º and 50% to 80º and 80% (the first time I raced was under those conditions). It...
  5. mike85gn

    the most boost possible!!!!

    Do you have a hotwired fuel pump? What is your fuel pressure? What is the chip make + type? Did you do the MAF tap test? No hotwired FP means poor fueling. Poor fueling = knock. Low fuel pressure also = knock. Hypertech chips (if your still running it) are known for a ton of timing which can...
  6. mike85gn

    Got My car Going!!!!782 Days of suffering!

    I'm on 6 years myself now... parked it in '01 and walked away. Soon, though...
  7. mike85gn

    Quick - need to know what year of F-Body with the big rad

    Back to the front! You know, I'm not even sure the new rad is a 3-core.. Does anyone know for sure if the '91 5.7 had a 3-core? Just wanna cover my bases...
  8. mike85gn

    Electric Fans

    You can buy a fan relay harness from for hot air cars switching to an electric fan using the '87 ECM. It's an install-and-go option, and if you use the Ramchargers fan, it connects using the option harness from Ramchargers. Plug and play.
  9. mike85gn

    ta 33 and 30s

    You should be able to go high 11's on a TA33 with an intercooler. I think I'd want a bit more injector though. If you're going to up the injector, you can up the turbo a bit. But then you may want to consider upping the converter as well. Get the TA33 rebuilt with TA60 internals, give it some...
  10. mike85gn

    New hotair intakes underway!

    Yeah, that's perfect, I would probably be looking to buy the intercooler-TB uppipe and the turbo to engine front pipe. I have a pretty wild IC, so the rest of the plumbing would need to be pieced together myself. Good work on the kit, especially on being able to offer kit components to help out...
  11. mike85gn

    New hotair intakes underway!

    Re: 1/4 mile times Actually, I was running a Turbotweak street chip. I should have been running a race chip, ported elbow and cooler plugs, two ranges cooler would be perfect. Could've eeked another two tenths out of her. Oh well!
  12. mike85gn

    New hotair intakes underway!

    LC2 is the engine code for the intercooled '86-'87 turbo Buicks. Expect to pay $1500 to $2000 for a good condition complete motor.
  13. mike85gn

    New hotair intakes underway!

    Thanks for the info! I had the rear inlet machined off when my intake was getting worked over, it's gone now so the pipe should clear in theory. I figured I might like to try something along the lines of what you guys were doing, but since I had the parts and machine access, I did it myself on...
  14. mike85gn

    New hotair intakes underway!

    One question, I am in the process of doing a conversion of my own, I am undecided regarding clocking the turbo forward to go to my FMIC before retuning to the front of the intake or leaving it mounted as-is and using a pipe like the kit does, leaving the turbo mounted in the stock location...
  15. mike85gn

    stock turbo question

    The CFM rating is calculated with the turbo producing 14.7psi of boost (1 BAR). Of course, we overshoot that by a lot, sometimes as much as double that pressure. CFM is not linear though, spinning a turbo out of it's efficiency range you will see a lot less CFM per pound of boost and a lot more...
  16. mike85gn

    Engine rebuild

    Depends on the condition of the internals... If the crank, rods, and block are good then you're set, just get them reconditioned and machined as needed to "clean up". Forged pistons and file-fit rings, new factory timing set, new front cover. If you do ported heads, might as well get a Comp...
  17. mike85gn

    fastest Hotair?

    No, it wasn't. He was running Kenne Bell valvetrain parts with a mild cam. Don't know the details on the injectors or the nitrous charge (pretty sure he said 75), but the turbo was stock. You could probably be in the same ballpark with a Comp 206 if you wanted.
  18. mike85gn

    fastest Hotair?

    Mid-11's, I believe it was, on only a 75-shot. He's running 8's now with his Stage II... :eek:
  19. mike85gn

    how many 12 second 84/85's

    12.89@104.06 as per my sig... ECM conversion with Turbotweak street chip and some 009's, AFPR, TA33, Downpipe, 2.5" exhaust, slicks, VP C-16. Playing with tire pressure and fuel pressure because I maxed out my boost rod (and even cut it with a hacksaw for a little more). Things I...
  20. mike85gn

    cannot get into boost?

    I'm helping tune this car and I'm 100% on the spark wiring and set up of the Translator. Switches 1-3 are ON and 4 is OFF, all other settings are set to "no change". The only possible problem that I know of would be the MAF connections, because the connectors on the end are the same and it...