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    Champion GN1 heads

    Brand new ALUMINUM GN1 heads with roller spring set up. One head hasn’t even been removed from bubble wrap yet. $1800 obo. Located south of Chicago
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    1999 2 door Tahoe possible trade

    I’m putting up for trade or sale my 2 door. Fresh lift, fuel wheels with 33 inch nitto tires. Body has 202k on it but motor and trans have much less. No I don’t have paperwork on motor and trans. This truck came out of Washington and has zero rust. You will not find a cleaner one in Chicago or...
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    Precision 6262 new

    I have a brand new in the box precision 6262 turbo for sale. $1000 obo
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    1985 Olds Cutlass 442 $9000

    Thinking about selling or trading my 85 442 for a cold air turbo buick, Arizona car no rust ever
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    2 cars to trade for a old air car

    I have 2 very nice cars I am considering trading for a 86-87 TB. I have a 05 focus with only 57,000 miles great dependable car and a 1998 Pontiac gran Prix GTP with 137,000 on it. Car runs awesome new brakes and looks really good. Loaded to the gills.
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    87 t type g80 rear end. $900 obo

    I have the rear end out of my t type for sale. Spins freely. Including drum brakes and all. I have a built 8.8 I'm using so I have no need for mine. $900. Obo
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    Turbo Buick body and interior parts.

    I have some parts for sale. I have all the outer sheet metal for the front end. A header off an 81 with grill and bezels. 2 blue buckets. Driver seat gas very small tear. A blue rear seat. Blue dash no cracks. Blue door panels. Uppers aren't that nice but the lower are very nice. I also will be...
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    Engine builder in Chicago

    I'm looking for an engine builder in Chicagoland.
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    G80 rear end

    i am selling the stock limited slip rear end out of my car. I got ahold of a built unit. I have not removed it yet but will as soon as I have a buyer. Make me an offer
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    Used 87 t type hood.

    I'm taking offers on the hood from my 87 hood. I am a professional painter so if someone is interested I will strip it and paint it fir an additional price.
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    81 tail lights

    i have a used set of 81 tail lights in nice shape no cracks 100 obo
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    Blue lower trim panel concert sound

    I have a used pair of lower trim panels in blue for a concert sound car. They are very nice minor staining on carpeted area that won't even show up in photos. Includes pulls and arm rest. $350 obo
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    T tops off an 81

    I have a set of used t tops off an 81 regal. They are in very nice shape but not perfect. Remember they are over 30 years old. $350 obo. Located in south burbs of Chicago.
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    Cotton performance stage 3 kit

    im getting close to having to build the motor on my 87 t. I want to keep a stock bottom end and am looking at the cotton performance stage 2 or 3 kit. Does anyone have expierence with them?
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    T top donor car

    I'm looking for a t top donor car or actually just a solid shell. I need to patch my lowers an a pillars and would rather cut up a donor car then do numerous a/m patches.
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    87 rosewood t with t tops

    Does anyone know the production numbers on an 87 t in rosewood with t tops
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    Chicagoland engine builder

    I'm looking for an engine builder in the Chicago area. I have a running 87 turbo motor that I just pulled out of my car. I'm looking for a street-able motor with a bit more power.
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    Willing to trade 2000 vw passat plus cash for t type.

    Prefer 86-87 t type
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    Looking for a 86-87 turbo Buick.

    Prefer t type
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    WTB white 87 or 86 t type not limited

    Wanted a white cold air t