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    Would an out of balance driveshaft cause knock?

    I am trying to diagnose my car. Its a fresh build, and was running strong at 24psi boost, good clean logs. My dumb ass forgot to torque down the caps that hold the drive shaft to the pinion, so when I was about to launch the car the bolts had eventually walked out enough wear the u-joints tore...
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    Car meet in Montgomery tonight. Im taking my GN and two GNXs are coming.

    If anybody else wants to show up. Hwy 105 @ 149 … behind oreilly auto parts. Its always hit or miss out there, 10-40 cars. but since the GNXs are coming out, figured I'd pass the word.
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    Header studs too long for gn1 heads?

    New motor gas gn1 heads. The stock header studs are too long, they bottom out before the manifolds are clamped down. Never read about this before .. anybody sell a set of bolts/studs?
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    What valve cover gaskets with GN1 heads and spacers?

    Gn1 aluminum heads, TA valve covers and a valve cover spacer to clear rockers. Anybody know the best gaskets to seal this all up? above and below the spacer?
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    show me your external wastegate install (in the manifold)

    Getting ready to fit/weld my pipe. Looking to see how you guys did the plumbing and dump. Thanks.
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    1/2" wheel spacers. anything good???

    I found some wheels I reallly want to run on the back ... 15x9 and the only options are 4" or 5" BS. I want to tuck a 275/60, maybe even a 295/55 drag radial. I am thinking the only way to do this is with a 5" BS and a 1/2" spacer. I don't know much about spacers, but like i said, i really...
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    First track pass. 7.34 @ 93 1.64 .... looking for my next upgrades

    car is in my sig. completely original suspension from 1987. even the shocks. The only thing i did was bag both sides. My car was very inconsistent. I had to leave @ 0 boost. any boost would fry the tires. Also, track conditions worsened as the night got later. 275-60-15 mickeys @...
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    Does anybody stock TR6 ?

    been looking around online and websites I found say there is a wait. Thanks.
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    Where to buy a "T" fitting for oil pressure sender?

    I have FAST XFI logging kit and now a GNS cluster. So I need a T fitting to use two oil pressure senders. Anybody know a part number, vendor, etc? thread sizes? Anything helps. Thanks.
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    GN1 aluminum "as cast" flow numbers VS champion race ported

    I have these heads " as cast" I am debating sending them out and having them race ported by champions for $700 Anybody have before and after numbers and input on this? If I do it, I will have the intake port matched with the heads. Thanks.
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    Ignition upgrade options

    combo in sig. I run north of 30psi often. Currently building a higher compression stroked 109 with aluminum heads, roller etc and will be going up in turbo too. Shooting for 700rwhp. I’ve read a bit about tr6. Just wondering what else is out there. Coil near plug vs stock style etc...
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    15X8, 15X9 OR 15X10 for street / strip. need tips

    I am looking at a set of wheels. All of those sizes, the only backspace choice is 3.5 or 4.5" I currently run 275/60/15 drag radials. Probably stick with this size. I want the wheel and tire to tuck a little. Any tips? Looks like no matter what size I get, the 4.5" B/S is probably going...
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    best intake for gn1 aluminum heads

    Anybody know one that ports match up pretty well to (currently unported) GN1 aluminum heads? Looking at ported stock vs GN1 etc.
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    How to drill a wastgate plate.

    The plate that fixes an overported wastegate. I got one from bison a while back, marked it where I want it. This thing is harder than prisoner dick. I have ruined every drill bit I tried to cut it with. Anybody know of a “not too expensive” step bit that will cut it? The 10-20$ amazon...
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    source for "off the shelf" pistons for 3.625 crank, 5.960 stock length rods

    Anybody know of a link or part number for some off-the-shelf pistons for a 3.625 stroker crank and stock length rods in a 109? Must be forged and hoping for around 9:1 compression with my 46cc heads and .040 gaskets. Thanks!
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    anybody have a good 109 block?

    I'd prefer a standard bore good condition 109 (na or turbo). I'll pick it up. Let me know.
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    Tackling heads/cam

    I have been torn between having my motor built or just installing my new "top end" parts myself. My other option is to have the whole motor built and go ahead and get a forged rotating assembly and caps or girdle. Westside machine quoted me a fair price for the work, but told me They would...
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    My new gn1 aluminum heads have some damage. Need advice

    JUST got them. Opened the first box and this was staring me in the face. I know how much a pain in the ass it is for our headers to seal. I was planning on having my headers machined perfectly flat and running no gasket. I think this will leak. Probably even with any gasket. I need...
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    Exhaust back pressure pushing open internal wastegate

    my hole isn’t ported beyond my large rjc puck. But I can’t get boost above around 15psi Stock actuator on car. I have never read of people having back pressure push it open on a stock longblock car like mine. Any tips or fixes? I tested it completely disconnected from vacuum and I get...