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    C6 Vette 18X9.5 wheels on a Regal

    has anyone done it? i just picked up a set of the aftermarket repro C6 Z06 18x9.5" wheels to put on my 86 Camaro, and i thought maybe someone out there has put some of these on a Regal or GN.. they have a LOT of backspacing- 7.5"- so some thick adapters would be needed, but i bet they would look...
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    some people do it so that their car looks like a race car.. race cars have a lot of camber, so if my car has a lot of camber it will be a race car.. still waiting for someone to do a NASCAR short track style build with the tires cambered so that the wheels are tucked in on one side and out on...
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    Bosch alternator from advance auto

    84 and 85 use a standard 12SI alternator, you can put the larger CS130 alternators like the Impala SS one in with a bracket from a 3.8 or 4.1 powered car that had the HD electrical system, like maybe a loaded LeSabre that had a V6 in it instead of the 307 V8 for some reason.. regarding the...
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    why does my transmission do this?

    the car sat for 13 years before i got it and the original trans worked fine with nice crisp shifts... right up until it blew the rear sprag at the track a year after i started driving it.. this trans sat for a couple of years then came back to life... then it sat for a year and only goes into...
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    why does my transmission do this?

    put the Lucas in it a couple of weeks ago, no immediate improvement other than going into gear from time to time with the selector in L1.. let it sit until today, worked same as a couple of weeks ago, but actually popped into gear in "D" a couple of times today. it took 15-20 seconds for it to...
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    What EXACTLY does a turbo do?

    my sig line explains it all:
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    Site Screen Background Color

    i didn't know you could change it... i've been looking at stupid dull gray with stupid white letters and yellow buttons with unreadable white letters since they got the new software..
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    For those going on the PT in LA. on day 1 a GTG at No Problem Raceway

    that thread title made my head hurt..
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    Nice car to bad he doesn't know how to drive. Watch drag Camaro crash after leaving Cars & Coffee

    i don't know why anyone helped him... i would have made sure he was ok and let him sit there all tangled up in chain link fence to think about what an asshat he is while he waits for the cops to come..
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    86 elco with 5.0 and Cruise Speedo Cable question...

    you won't "stretch" the cable by pulling on the cluster... you might pull it thru the grommet in the firewall, but it won't stretch.. you'll break the retaining tab off the speedo before you wreck the cable.. if he did somehow manage to wreck it- which i doubt- a new cable is as close as your...
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    why does my transmission do this?

    The level in the stick acts like any other auto trans: way overfull with engine off, goes down to just under the full line when the engine is running..
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    why does my transmission do this?

    That's the long term plan, but it's not in the cards right now. The car moved under it's own power last summer, then it sat over the winter and won't go into any forward gear.. it can't be anything majorly mechanical..
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    why does my transmission do this?

    been a busy few weeks for me since i posted this question, what with having my baby girl being born and trying to get acclimated to that. i found out the day after this post that they were going to induce labor the next wednesday, so this fell to the back burner. i didn't get to bring her home...
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    turbobuick pet peeves

    the lift kit that was installed in the suspension to get it in the air to clear the big wheels might be a little more involved... sometimes they just absolutely butcher everything- up to an including the frame- to get them up in the air like that..
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    why does my transmission do this?

    no one knows enough about the operation of a 200-4r transmission to help diagnose this?
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    why does my transmission do this?

    i haven't actually driven my car regularly for about 5 years. when i parked it, the trans worked fine- went into gear right away, shifted thru all gears, torque converter locked up when it was supposed to. it just leaked out of the front seal from time to time when it was parked, but never while...
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    Five muscle machines that broke the mold.

    Muscle Machines? like the die cast cars with the big tires and huge engines that they sold at Wal Mart 15 years ago?
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    FOUND! GNX 554

    there are 999 GNX plates in that state, probably in the same area..
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    Come on dude, $52k....rly?

    "sorry, babe... i tried to sell my car but no one would give me what it's worth. guess i'll have to keep it for a while"...
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    I did a good dead on another forum

    i guess this is one way to advertise for free..