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  1. quickt

    New 2004R Adjustable servo is here

    Working with John at Stage Right the 2004R Adjustable servo is here. The servo offers the largest apply surface area and the adjust-ability to fine tune your band adjustment. I have personally had input on the design changes and am very happy with the results. The servo can be used with the...
  2. quickt

    Parts For Sale

    I have the following for sale. Prices are plus shipping. Spohn Tubular Front lower Control Arms. Part number #752 $325 The control arms have been in stalled but no miles and are Black in very good condition. Pole Position Front Upper control arms. Fully Adjustable no shims needed. $250...
  3. quickt

    Spohn Lower Control Arms

    I have a set of Spohn tubular lower control arms for sale. They have been installed and are still in very good condition. Couple of chips from installation and install of ball joints. Still very nice These are the 751 control arms. Not taking pics. $300 plus shipping.
  4. quickt

    THS 3800 Intake

    Some pics of the 3800 ECOTEC Intake. Made the trip from Perth Australia. No luck with a sheet intake in the rules this year so had to find a cast intake.
  5. quickt

    Help!!!!! Fuel Pump Hanger

    Someone posted a link to a website that made Fuel pump hangers that were made for aftermarket AN -10 line for Buick Turbo. I can not find this website anywhere. Anyone know???
  6. quickt

    Mixed bag for sale

    For Sale all items plus shipping Stock 8.5 posi low miles $200 OBO Adjustable rear Upper Control Arms Unknown Manufacture Nicely Made like new $125 70MM Accufab Throttle Body set up for Wiggins Clamp. Weld on Connector and Wiggins Clamp included $200 Reds Double Pumper used 2...
  7. quickt

    4L80E Adapted to anything

    I have been working on this project for a long time. The Ford 4.6 guys were wearing me out for a decent Overdrive. Finally finished. Thought I would share the pic before it goes on the website. 4L80E Converted to bolt on SFI bell housing. This Transmission is for BB Mopar. The bell can be used...
  8. quickt

    TE-60 Turbo

    I have a rebuilt TE-60 W/.82 exhaust housing for sale. Turbo was rebuilt by precision and has been sitting for several months. Its still in unused rebuilt condition. $450 Shipped US MAIL Flat rate. Will take PP you pay fees.
  9. quickt

    ATR 3" Stainless DP with External Gate

    I have a ATR 3" Stainless DP with ATR external gate. The DP is in good condition no dents or dings. The Waste Gate appears to be fine and was on the car when I got it. The car did not run so vacuum and visual inspection is all I can do. $300 plus shipping (Can deliver to BPG Sunday)
  10. quickt

    V8 cars go somewhere else

    I dont know about you guys but I am tired of the V8 threads on this board. Convert your car to LS1 or V8 other than Buick and dont even own a Buick powered car anymore. Go hang out somewhere else.
  11. quickt

    Razor Alky Kit for sale

    I have a complete single nozzle Razor Alky Kit for sale. Does not include 3 bar Map. The kit has not had a complete bottle of Meth run threw it. Includes all parts other than LED light. The kit came on a car i have and was told less than 6 months old. I do not have the instructions. The Kit has...
  12. quickt

    TH400 W/Converter

    I have Reverse Manual Transbrake TH400 With ART CARR 19930 Converter 3200-3500 stall converter. Transmission Removed from Mid 9sec car works flawless. Transbrake appears to be a Pro Coan Brake. The original builder is unknown. Package $1800 shipped 48 States. Will take PP but buyer pays fee
  13. quickt

    FAST XFI For sale

    I have a FAST XFI for sale. Included is The XFI ECU. Jumper harness for Turbo Buick, Wide Band, Com Cable. The unit came off of a mid 9 second TSM type car. Ser# 5432 Firmware# XFI2.1A $1300 shipped 48 states Will take PP buyer pays fee
  14. quickt

    Calling GNBRETT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bret, I would like a phone call so we can finish our business. 513-898-0553
  15. quickt

    2004R Electric Transbrake

    I have 7 Electric Transbrake Kits ready to ship or for delivery to BG. $395.00 (1) Stage 1 2004R (BQ) for delivery to BG only $1395.00 no core (2) Griner 400 Pro Brake Valvebodys for delivery to BG $495 Call The shop for Details.
  16. quickt

    New 2004R gearsets & other parts

    I have New gear Sets for the 2004R. With first gear ratios from 2.98 to 2.21. 2.57/1.54 Helical $550 in stock 2.48/1.48 Helical $550 In stock 2.57/1.54 Straight Cut $795 In Stock 2.48/1.48 Straight Cut $795 In Stock 2.41/1.45 Straight Cut $950 (All New) New Direct Drum...
  17. quickt

    Dual Pressure Valve Body

    Exactly as title implies. We have developed a dual pressure valvebody. The VB has constant pressure of 250-275 in 1,2,3 and normal TV operation in 4th. You get the best of both worlds. Racing your car in 3rd takes the TV cable and line rise out of the picture. 4th gear you have TV modulated...
  18. quickt

    Electromotive Engine Management

    I have for sale Electromotive GT engine management. Everything needed to get your car up and running. All parts are new and include the following. Electromotive GT ECU (was mounted) Com Cable & software 6 cylinder coil assembly 60-2 trigger wheel Crank trigger W/Universal bracket New...
  19. quickt

    Introductory 2004R sale

    I am offering (2 units only) Stage 2 2004Rs with New Electric transbrake installed. The Stage 2 build list can be found on the website. Built per website specs. Options are lock up or Non-Lockup. This offer will include Core, Electric transbrake and Shipping to your door. $1950 If...
  20. quickt

    New 2004R Electric Transbrake

    The Extreme Automatics 2004R transbrake. The new 2004R brake is the first pressure release transbrake ever built for 2004R. The same solenoid that we use on the Griner Pro Billet 400 valvebody we use on the 2004R. The concept is very simple. When not in use the transbrake has absolutely no...