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    New, current updated Michigan thread.

    Interest seems to be dwindling on tomorrow… I’m going to take a pass myself may be there on Saturday depending on how it goes
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    New, current updated Michigan thread.

    Just a reminder for Woodward Wednesday two days from now. Same place same time. It’s already being talked up on the Facebook group
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    What Inspired You to Buy Your Turbo Buick ??

    Grew up with Cutlass Supremes in the family... Junior year in high school, looking out a third floor window.... "Damn what is that sweet "cutlass" over there. 7 years later I had a pristine 56k '87 owned by a car detailer for $8700.. drove it for 5 years to over a 100k and sold it for 12k :)
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    State Of Emergency Never Ending?

    People who grew up with financial common sense will likely ride this out. They don't live check to check. They are secure and have reserves to handle this. I've been doing it for 30 years. I could take the rest of the year off. I'm frugal with money, price compare items, gas buddy, don't waste...
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    When You Get A Chance....

    Agreed, but just watch the right side and you'll see the empty boxes, then you know where it starts.
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    OK, thanks..i guess. ... fuck horse sneeze addict was not what i consider joking.. just suffered a personal loss and trying to reach out to those in need as those reached out to me
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    I'm not sure why you would post such a response but we'll all be judged
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    RIP Neal Peart

    the Dr.
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    I have battled it for 40 years.. if any TR brothers feel it.. you're not alone.. feel free to reach out... don't give up hope.. we are there for you. Feel free to contact me directly. l a j e f z @
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    Stereo?? Yes/No

    I run an aftermarket with two amps, seven speakers... voltage is not a problem.
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    alright!!! Site is back up

    Thanks for the hard work guys
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    New, current updated Michigan thread.

    Halloween car show at Dooleys Roseville on the 27th. Starts around 2. Had to call and ask since their webmaster/FB is too clueless to promote. Anyways its usually a good turn out. DJ, costumes, candy for the kids. Also show at the Packard Proving grounds this Sunday 1-5
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    New, current updated Michigan thread.

    Tonight Holly Halloween car show 4 - 8
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    IAC Issue

    Reset the IAC and take it from there
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    New, current updated Michigan thread.

    Bill Chumack , he died peacefully in his sleep (Thursday 9-19-19). arrangements haven't been made yet, but plans are for a celebration of his life sometime in the near future. RIP buddy, will miss talking to you at the car shows.