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    Brake pedal not returning

    so this isn't the standard issue of a pedal not returning after pressing it. Car is an '86 T-type with converted vacuum boost. Up until about a year ago the brakes were great. Things went south due to mice chewing things, I took it to a local mechanic (I live in the mountains) and they ended...
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    Kill switchs do work !

    Need to install one on my T-type, though it won't see the outside of the garage for awhile. And I recently moved onto a Vineyard that isn't exactly near a city!
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    WH1 how rare

    '86 was the last year for the WH1 and the only year with an intercooler. I can't remember the exact number, but less then 500 were made that year. None were made in '87. However, I believe it was over 2K that were made in years prior... Not the most rare model out there, but up there! Also...
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    Door edge guards placement?

    Pretty simple install once you get down to it.
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    WOW, better be the best '85 ever

    Also from the ad: "You won't find another 1985 GRAND NATIONAL T TYPE at this price"... I hope not!!! Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    U.S. Navy

    Progress was made in the last few weeks. I am now (finally) officially disqualified submarines. My current title is ET1/SP (submarine prior) My command contacted a few of the ECM's (guys that handle rate conversions) and IC (interior communications) said they will take me. I still have to put...
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    Kitsap CO and surrounding areas

    Cool. Interested in a get together with other gbodies? I've got an 88 SS Monte on board and an 87 Camino...I know the Camino isn't a gbody...but I think it fits in. Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    Kitsap CO and surrounding areas

    Yup that's exactly what I'm talking about. Going today.....hopefully it does clear up like the weather guessers say it will. where are you located? Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    Kitsap CO and surrounding areas

    Hope you can and that some others can start showing! Working on trying to get some other g-bodies to start going as well.
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    The fronts look perfect and that you are just seeing reflection from where you took the picture. The back? Not so much. But at the same time..the seller already offered to refund you your problem solved. Seems like you should update this thread with that information.
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    BOP Shootout at San Antonio Raceway

    My dad and I used to go there in the late '90's with his gold/tan ' that left lane any better?
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    86-87 intercooler and turbo

    I will post a pic of the other side as soon as I can convince it to download to my phone Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    Trying to establish my GN support group

    I want to go there someday.
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    86-87 intercooler and turbo

    I'd do it for $75 shipped.
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    Kitsap CO and surrounding areas

    First tuesday of every month for the next 3 or 4 months! This will be the first one that I've taken my Buick to.