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    Drove around in my town and took some pictures

    Man those look awesome. Definitely worth putting on the computer background for a while. What camera were those taken with. I bet the camera is as spec'd out as the truck is. Anyway awesome pics for an awesome truck. Congrats on all your hard work paying off. Jerry
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    Neat looking Riviera

    Would be a lot of work as this particular vintage would have been front wheel drive. So although it looks cool, just imagine the headache to covert the car to what appears to be rwd. Dedicated to the car. Jerry Jr.
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    Belsie is a good buyer

    Sold belsie a turbo a while back, he paid quickly and the transaction went smoothly. If he has concerns he asks questions before the sale. Thanks again, Jerry jr
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    Oil cooler adapter and lines

    Thanks for the replies guys, I have bought the parts I need for the current project. Jerry
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    Oil cooler adapter and lines

    I need an oil cooler adapter, the nut that screws on the oil filter threads, and lines. This is for a project car and the lines dont have to be in great shape because I will end up having to have lines fabbed up. I just want the lines for metal ends that screw into the adapter. My zip code is...
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    Alt/AC Bracket For 84-85 Alt Upgrade

    I have this bracket that i modified for my hotair a long time ago to address the need for more amps and also the need to stop a belt slipping issue at wide open throttle. The alternator in the pic is off of a 1996 caprice cop car and is rated at 140 amps. I would probably $40 shipped for...
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    clearing out my hotair intake collection

    Thanks for your interest guys
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    clearing out my hotair intake collection

    I have 4 intakes in various stages of completion that I no longer need. Im going to clean them up a little and snap some pics for the board. One is complete with everything, 2 have various pieces here and there and one is bare intake. I also have 1 turbo bracket and various intake related...
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    2-step,scanmaster,gen2,powerlogger,80lbs injectors and more.

    Can I get a quote for shipping to 76643 for the scanmaster please. Very interested. PayPal button ready. Jerry
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    Big wheelie in left lane at BG

    John Massoud broke the fan that I know of. Then in eliminations when he staged the car and went to hit the gas on the trans brake the car just died. He figures something else electrical messed up during the wheelie.
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    Big wheelie in left lane at BG

    This is John Massoud's car also in the left lane. I agree if you had the power, the left lane could hold it. John started over into the other lane but controlled it away from the other racer. Was fun helping and watching you John. Jerry