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    GNX #222

    After months of working with GNX 222, I want to thank Richard Clark for his guidance and help in order to bring back to showroom condition my car. Richard has been more than helpful on sharing his knowledge in order for me to be able to pursue my goals. I traveled to his shop in NC and he was...
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    A Dark Storm Approaches

    Congrats!! Post some Photos
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    GNX #222

    Here a few photos of the car as it is right now.
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    GNX Chip needed.....

    As title states....
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    Alternator wire chase / plastic thing

    I am looking also for one. Let me know . Will pay asap
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    Second Version Window Sticker on eBay

    Bringing this conversation back.... as many new GNX owners and Barn finds have “emerged”..... Mine is #222 and has the PP at bottom right corner along with the tri-shield. Though..... would like to know what the two sets of numbers at the right hand side of the vin number at bottom of the window...
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    Harness clip--anodized--firewall mount

    Jajaaj... that is my photo..I posted it on Facebook.... I am also looking for that hanger and clip...... Please let us both know!
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    I’ll buy it
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    Powermaster complete units, taillights, headrest for sale

    Can you post a few more photos and side photo/condition of seals below canister of PM unit #1. I am in Miami area, could be interested.
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    couple of nos parts

    Interested. Please post photos
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    GNX 205

    Welcome again!
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    SPS and C bolts for Heads... 86 and 87 Turbo buicks

    Send me tracking please once shipped
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